Freezing with flowers….


Someone said to me today “What a lovely summer dress”.

It is literally the middle of winter.

So why a dress better suited for 30 degrees?

Because sometimes you need to bring a little brightness to the darkest times (or at least the coldest).

This floral number is from Dotti. I got it last December on sale for $50. It actually has a small amount of tulle under the skirt which gives me an (almost) uncontrollable urge to spin in a circle like a small child.

Kept it dead simple with my black Portman’s blazer and black tights.

And in the end it brightened someone’s day which means its a success šŸ™‚


Black, white and red all over….

30.07.2013No it’s not a newspaper, its me!

Absolutely stoked about yesterday’s online shopping delivery! This skirt is even cooler in person than it is in pictures.
Great way to make dressing for work fun and a bargain at only $10 (Ozsale).

Paired with black tights and a black button up shirt (Miss Shop) makes the skirt the star of this outfit, and so it should be.
I’m yet to get the feedback from my usual work outfit consultant (pretty much if he says I look good, then my skirt is too short!), but I’m feeling good about it so far.

I actually spent far too long trying to decide which cardi/jacket to wear with this.
I almost went with plain black to keep it simple, but this pop of red just made the outfit (plus it meant I got to make a silly joke at the start of my blog).Ā It’s a really cheap cardiĀ ($6 from Cocolatte), but having a couple in your favourite colours can be really valuable.

I also copped bit yesterday for my facial expression, so I’m hope you’re all pleased to see a smile on myĀ dial today šŸ™‚


Keeping it Kmart…

29.07.2013I had a wonderful shopping to trip to Kmart on Saturday and today’s outfit is the fruit of my adventure.

This spotted sheer top ($15) was a no brainer.
It’s cute, a little quirky and a timeless, so I will be able to wear it for years to come with a variety of different clothes.
The pants (also $15) are something I have been looking for for months now.

I feel rude complaining about it, but it is extremely difficult to find pants to fit me as I am too skinny.
Finally these babies appeared, and they were cheap as chips, Winner!

Keeping it super sleek with a thin black belt (no idea where I got this, but it’s an essential)Ā Ā and pointed black pumps (bought on sale at DJ’s)Ā means I’m ready for another day in the office.

EKĀ super tip: I’m actually wearing beige stockings under my pants for 3 reasons: 1. Keeps you warm. 2. Acts as socks. 3. Keeps my shirt tucked in and avoids VPLs.


Sunday Knits….

28.07.13For this chilly Sunday I have gone with simplicity.

There isn’t a huge amount going on with this outfit. My black skinnies (again), a striped long sleeved Supre top that I’ve had since I was prepubescent and a grey pleather jacket. But remember to never underestimate the power of a great accessory.

This massive pink scarf is a piece of my own creation, and I love it!

As well as being a great statement piece, it’s warm and I feel great knowing that I have made something.Ā Something I really enjoy and that (occasionally) others notice. Nothing is better than getting compliment on your outfit and being able to say “Thanks, I made it myself”.

I’m definitely a big advocate for DIY, especially for clothes.
It’s sad to think that in a few generations things like knitting, crocheting and making your own clothes could die out.
I know girls in their twenties (and sometimes older) who can’t even sew on a button!

So if I can encourage you to try anything from this blog, its making it yourself.
Get grandma/aunty/mum to show you how t knit or crochet. Even if they don’t know how to themselves, they’ll know someone who does (I was taught by a family friend) and if you promise to make them something nice, they’ll often pay for the equipment too.

Enjoy the remainder of your Sunday and get knitting!

Time to get casual

27.07.2013With the weekend comes my first ‘casual’ post.

It is such a lovely day and when the sun comes out, so does my belly!

This top is one of the newest editions to my wardrobe and another victim of my online shopping addiction!
Ozsale is my go to site at the moment. It’s where I picked up this top (along with several other pieces I’m sure you’ll see in the future) for just $8!

It’s both comfortable and super cute, perfect for a day of relaxation (aka. shopping).
I dressed it down with super essential black skinnies and my favourite $3 plimsoles (Big W).

The cardi was a bit of a dilemma here. I couldn’t quite work out what to put with this, but keeping it super simple seems to have done the trick.

Now I’m ready to hit the shops!

26.07.2013Two outfits in one day!
You lucky things!

Truth is, the first post was from yesterday, but I had some technical difficulties! (I know clothes, not computers)

Todays work outfit was based on two major factors:
1. We have Friday night drinks after work, so I wanted to look a little more casual
2.Ā  I stayed at Sam’s last night and this was the only dress I had there

Today it’s all about the shoes. IĀ inherited these cute DianaĀ Ferrari shoe boots when my mum hadĀ to get orthotics (Score!). I don’t wear them nearly as much as I should, mainly because this spotty Cotton On singlet dress (thanks to mum’s eBay addiction) is one of very few beige pieces in my wardrobe. Black tights break up the fact that my dress and shoes are actually different colours, put them too close together (or with only my pastey legs to spearate them) and it becomes blaringly obvious! And finally the jacket. This too will appear frequently. Portman’s make great structured blazers, and this black pin striped has served me well over the past six months. Constantly reminds me that it’s all about having quality basics!

So there it is. Day One down! I endeavour to keep it daily (lets hopeĀ I get this computer thing sorted), but should I miss one please forgive me as I do (occasionally) have to do some actual work!

And so it begins….


It seems ideal that the day I decide to start documenting my daily dress I am wearing such a simple outfit.
It’s not as crazy or out there as most people are used to, but it signifies this new time in my life.

Today’s ensemble was put together mainly out of necessity.
Winter in the city is cold.
The only thing colder is sitting at my desk at work which is directly under a cooling vent that seems to be needlessly on 24/7.
My super cheap Miss Shop turtle neck, which I’ve had for longer than I care to remember, is the perfect winter layer under my absolute staple of a grey blazer (get ready to see this ALOT).
The black Whitner platforms were an unnecessary purchase at the time (but I couldn’t resist for only $14) are worn almost exclusively under these gorgeous Review pants (an absolute steal at $50 marked down from $169) to give me the extra height so I don’t have to take them up.

This is an extremely comfortable work outfit, perfect for when the working week seems to drag on forever and I’m sick of acting like a lady.