Planning Ahead….

30.08.2013As usual my Friday work outfit involved a lot of planning ahead for the weekend.

After work I will be heading almost directly to a party and then tomorrow head home for the weekend, so I had to have everything packed and ready to go last night.

The LBD was the key piece for me.
This one is just from Myer, it has 3/4 sleeves and a little bit of detailing at the top of the back.
It will be an essential part of my transition for day to night.

For work I have paired it with my standard black shoes and this amazing green blazer.
The blazer was another of my cheap shop on Swanston St finds.

Very simple, but still striking (already had some comments today :D)

All I will do tonight is switch the jacket and the shoes.

Maybe if you’re good I’ll post about that outfit tomorrow….


With my heart on my sleeve….

29.08.2013So this top doesn’t have any sleeves, but you get the idea.

This super cute shear shirt (with an adorable love heart print) is another kmart bargain.
I’m really enjoying all the cute monochrome patterned shirts around this season.
They make dressing for work a bit more fun and this one was only $10!

I’m feeling a bit rundown this week (damn cold season!) and I just needed a relaxed day, so I wore my favourite Review pants.

They are extremely comfortable and the Wittner shoes I have to wear with them are much less steep then my other shoes (so it gives my feet a break too)

I finished it off with my Dotti cardi for the ultimate comfy work outfit.

Relax today, so I can party tomorrow…….

Feeling Dark…

28.08.2013After my pinks days this week, it’s time for something a bit darker.

Partial reflecting my mood, and partial what occurs when I have to plan 2 days of outfits at midnight on a Monday (my own fault).

I can’t really say a huge about his because it’s mainly just the basics I wear daily.
Portman’s jacket, opshop skirt, standard black tights and shoes.

I guess the only exciting things here is this navy and burgundy striped top from Myer and the glasses.
The top looks very simple here, but when I take my jacket off it has a scoop back and small shoulder pads. The main reason I love to wear it is because it feels incredible. I don’t know what this fabric is, but I want to marry it!

The glasses arose out of necessity (I couldn’t bear being one of those just-wearing-glasses-to-look-cool people).
This pair is Armani (fancy!) and I only wear them at work. Very simple, very stylish and I think it finishes off my sexy librarian look. 😛

 I endeavour to be a little more exciting tomorrow….

Pretty in Pink…

27.08.2013Maybe I’m getting a little too girly – pink 2 days in a row!

This whole outfit spawned from this adorable pink spotted Sunray pleats skirt.

My mummy bought it for me from the kids department of target because she knows I have a massive soft spot for Sunray pleats.

I thought for far too long about what to put with it. I knew I wanted to wear my black Portman’s blazer as I always like to have one very structured and professional piece when I’m wearing something a little more casual. But the top had me stumped.

Did I go t-shirt or button up shirt? and then did I got black or white or try to match the pink?

In the end I remembered that I owned this pale pink button up shirt (from Myer). Perfect.

Professional on the top and just a little bit fun on the bottom.

Now I just have to resist my constant urge to spin around and make my skirt fly up….

Monday for Mum…

26.08.2013As it may have become apparent from all her mentions in this blog, one of my great fashion influences is my mum.

She grew up on a farm and was alway embarrassed about her clothes (she would even wear her school uniform to out of uniform day because she thought it was less embarrassing than her casual clothes). As a teenager she discovered her mother would buy her fabric and she started making her own.

When she moved out and got a job she finally got to buy clothes and hasn’t stopped since.
I even have the first fashion dress she bought after moving out.

This outfit is an homage to her.

It puts together several of her rules/tips for fashion that I will never forget.

 Firstly – black. I know, that’s not really a new tip. I’m not saying she’s some kind of maverick, but it is something I got from her.
Some people wear white, some people wear brown, but we will always predominantly wear black. And why not?

It’s practical, it’s versatile, it’s slimming and it will never go out of fashion.

The second rule/tip is 3 points of colour. Ok, so I cheated and I only have 2 (shoes and top), but they are significant pieces of this outfit, so you can get away with it.
Although there are times when one stand out piece (maybe statement heels or a bold necklace) is the way to go, but as a general rule try to get 3 points.

Mum’s trusted combo is shoes, bracelet (or watch) and earrings. She often will wear solid black with red shoes, a red watch and red earrings and it looks  stunning.

So Mum, here’s to you….

Time to get glammed..

23.08.2013 evening back 23.08.2013 evenign frontSo here it finally is.

The dress I’ve been talking about all week.

Pretty good for $10.

You really can find some amazing things at vintage sales.
This is one of my best buys!

When I bought it I thought “I’m never going to wear this” but for that price I couldn’t resist. (also mum paid for it :P), but this is actually the second appearance its made.

The whole dress is a black base with gold and silver beads and sequins (making it extremely heavy!)
I’m luck enough to have the body to pull off the backless dress (which includes having small enough boobs to go without a bra!), however, I am a bit too short fo this dress – so I have to over compensate with the shoes.

These amazing beige Peep-toe stilettos with a black bow are Tony Bianco’s. They cost $20 from Savers and they are practically new! (Much better than the original price of at least $150).

Despite not being the most practical outfit (if you want to walk, sit or be comfortable in any way, this is not the outfit for you), but damn I look good 😛


Ready for a big night out…

23.08.2013I’m getting excited about our big work function tonight!

Getting all glammed up and having some drinks – but I’m not sure if we will go out afterwards, so I came up with this dress.

Firstly, it looks very professional with my work shoes and Portman’s jacket and putting a white t-shirt underneath makes sure the lace at the top isn’t too revealing.

Secondly, it will easy fit in my handbag and be a great going out dress.
I’ll ditch the undershirt, and swap the jacket for a cardi and the work heels for the mental Tony Bianco’s I plan to wear tonight and I’ll be good to go.

This dress is another Factorie Bargain. It was $5 and I bought it in burgundy and black.
unfortunately (as cheap things go) the invisible zips on both of them have sort of died, but as long as it gets me through today/tonight I don’t mind.
I also might look into getting the zips replaced if its cheap enough (Not a chance I’ll fix it myself – zips are the worst!).

Tomorrows post will be tonights outfit. I hope you enjoy!