1, 2, 3, go!

31.10.2013Firstly, ignore my awful face in this picture.

Secondly, I need a mirror this big at my house!

Thirdly, look at that view! 26th floor!

Finally, lets talk about the outfit.

I love love love this black and red Review skirt.
It is an incredible fit, it feels amazing and its got that little quirk I’m always rattling on about.

Today I have paired it with all black, including my black satin and lace top which keeps the look very soft and feminine.

This outfit is surprisingly comfortable for work clothes, which makes this face even more confusing…..


How forgetful….

30.10.2013Today I have reminded myself that this bright blue jacket from Valley Girl was a great buy.

It was only $20, and even though I wouldn’t consider it an everyday jacket, it has been very useful for those days when I want to brighten up a monochromatic outfit.

Todays base is made up of my regular black tights and pointy heels, my short back pencil skirt and this cute black and white stripped top.

Now, I’m not 100% sure on this, but I think my mum bought it for me from an OpShop.
This is the first time I’ve worn it, and it is incredibly comfortable.


OK, so I swear I had more to say, but I half way through writing this a new pair of boots arrived, so I’ve completely forgotten…

Vintage Volume…

29.10.2013Today is all about the shirt.

Proof that even the most classic combination, black pants, black blazer, white shirt, can still be tweaked to make a stand out outfit.

The fantastic lace trimmed shirt was $5 from a vintage sale (Bargain!) and my manager can’t stop saying how much she loves it.

You have to be careful with clothes that have this much volume.
I’m pretty small, so I can do with a little extra volume.
Frills, flounces, ruffles, cowell necks and the like are great for giving the illusion of a bigger bust for us girls who are slightly lacking in the chestle region.

The contrast of the slim fitting trousers and blazer makes sure all the bits you wanna be lacking in (your legs and your waist) are still on show.

Day after Day…

28.10.2013I think that if I had to wear the same outfit every single day it would be this one.

Ok, that’s a lie. If it really came it that it would probably be something a little more comfortable, like jeans or trackies, but in terms of work clothes this is the winner.

I absolutely love my black pencil skirt (probably worn twice as much as all my other skirts) and basic black always works, but the real reason I would be happy in this every day is this Tokito top.

Bought on sale at Myer for $20, it is really cute, a little bit quirky and feels amazing.
I don’t know what this fabric is, but I want to marry it.

I know I’ve said this over and over again, but simplicity with a twist is truly the key to fantastic outfit.

Black heart…

25.10.2013Or at leat my top has a black heart (lots of them).

I don’t recall the last time I put together an outfit that didn’t involve one article of black clothing.
It’s not a bad thing at all.

Black is practical, timeless, slimming and doesn’t show when you spill coffee or your lunch on it.

I’m in even more luck this year because monochromatic prints are in fashion.

This sheer shirt ($10 from Kmart) has been a great buy. Not only is it suitable for work, but ditch the cardi and swap the pencil skirt for a skater skirt and it’s a really cute casual outfit as well.


Saving my energy…

24.10.2013Life is all about priorities.

Deciding what is most important in life.

Almost daily I have to priorities between sleep and beauty (or at least an interesting outfit).
Today sleep was a clear winner.

So I went with a simple and safe outfit that I could throw together in 2 minutes, rather than trying on 10 different outfits before choosing the right one.

Firstly we have a basic black long-sleeved t-shirt (Supre) then my black Portman’s jacket (where would I be without it?) and then my grey skirt (another one of my invaluable OpShop buys).

Finally I have the shoes. I don’t know how clearly you can see them, but they are very simple (and surprisingly comfortable) black shoe boots.
The are I Love Billy and my mum bought them for me off eBay.

Now to priorities whats more important when I get home: practicing for next weeks gig or cleaning my room……

Still chilly…

23.10.2013It is currently half the temperature it was on Saturday in Melbourne.

HALF! In just 4 days!

It has reverted so far back into winter that I have had to pull out the turtle necks.

This jumper is only cotton, but it is still very warm. (from Misshop)
I think that the turtle neck jumper is truly underappreciated – I’d say most think them to be a bit daggy.
But they are incredible. Like a jumper and a scarf combined, plus they are really flattering on a smaller chest.

I was a bit worried about it being too much solid black, so I broke it up with this fairly simple long gold necklace.
I think my new years resolution is going to be wear more/different jewellery.
I own so much, but rarely wear it!

This cute winter skirt is also from Misshop. It is so simple, but a great change-up from my usual pencil skirt.
It also has the right colours to allow me to wear these absolutely incredible vintage, italian leather ankle boots ($40).