Breaking the rules…

16.10.2013We’ve all heard the old saying Blue and Green should never be seen.

Well there are a few other rules like this.
Black and brown should never be found.
Pink and Red, I’d rather be dead.

Ok, so I just made those up, but they still apply. In fact a friend of mine said she will never forget the time a girl at our high school wore a pink head band when she had dyed red hair and I taught her that rule.

Point is, rules are made to be broken, and today I have broken one of the (less intense) rules.

Navy and black! My mother would be very ashamed of me if she saw this (luckily she isn’t so good with the whole blog thing, so I think I’m safe).

But it’s a look I have embraced since I started working. I have some really cute navy pieces (like this cute Peter Pan collared dress from Dotti), but no jackets (or tights) to match. So what am I to do?

Solution: Making matching points. ie. Black jacket and tights, but make the dress link in by wearing my navy Barkin’s shoe boots.

I guess deep down I will always be a rebel…..


4 thoughts on “Breaking the rules…

      • Blast! This is what I get for not shopping the sales. Thanks though! I think navy and black look quite nice together – on you, anyway; it’d probably look ridiculous on me 😛

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