Still chilly…

23.10.2013It is currently half the temperature it was on Saturday in Melbourne.

HALF! In just 4 days!

It has reverted so far back into winter that I have had to pull out the turtle necks.

This jumper is only cotton, but it is still very warm. (from Misshop)
I think that the turtle neck jumper is truly underappreciated – I’d say most think them to be a bit daggy.
But they are incredible. Like a jumper and a scarf combined, plus they are really flattering on a smaller chest.

I was a bit worried about it being too much solid black, so I broke it up with this fairly simple long gold necklace.
I think my new years resolution is going to be wear more/different jewellery.
I own so much, but rarely wear it!

This cute winter skirt is also from Misshop. It is so simple, but a great change-up from my usual pencil skirt.
It also has the right colours to allow me to wear these absolutely incredible vintage, italian leather ankle boots ($40).


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