Day after Day…

28.10.2013I think that if I had to wear the same outfit every single day it would be this one.

Ok, that’s a lie. If it really came it that it would probably be something a little more comfortable, like jeans or trackies, but in terms of work clothes this is the winner.

I absolutely love my black pencil skirt (probably worn twice as much as all my other skirts) and basic black always works, but the real reason I would be happy in this every day is this Tokito top.

Bought on sale at Myer for $20, it is really cute, a little bit quirky and feels amazing.
I don’t know what this fabric is, but I want to marry it.

I know I’ve said this over and over again, but simplicity with a twist is truly the key to fantastic outfit.


One thought on “Day after Day…

  1. Really? Marry it? I just snorted into my drink 🙂 hahahaha. But then again, I have a slinky top that makes me constantly touch myself when I wear it…not weird at all 😉

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