Cure for a Cold

Comfort is the cure for a cold, or a whole day on the couch watching the Lifestyle channel, so no work outfit today.
If I didn’t have a doctors appointment you be getting a post of me in trackie pants and an oversized tshirt.

Outfit: Red Beret (Gift from mum), Sweater dress (Ozsale, $15) & boots (hand-me-down from mum)


Clean & Green

There are many benefits of cleaning out your wardrobe, the first is making space for more clothes and the second is discovering stuff you forgot you had. Back in my Spotlight days I used to wear this skirt every weekend, but with the addition of a cute top and bright jacket it is brought back to life!

Outfit: Green Blazer (7angels, $15), Wrap Top (hand-me-down from mum), skirt (OpShop) & Shoes (OpShop, $4)

Peach & Pencil

Firstly, apologies for no blog post yesterday – but I didn’t think people would wanna see a variation on the same outfit for a 3rd day in a row!
Today is a stable work outfit, pencil skirt and a cute top – perfect for when you press snooze one too many times.

Outfit: Peach Shirt (Ozsale, $8), Forecast Skirt (OpShop, $6) & Sandler Heels (David Jones, $60)

Borrower Biker

I’m not gunna lie, this is essentially my outfit from last night (I’m yet to go home), with the addition of a borrowed tshirt and sunnies.

Outfit: Sunnies (borrowed), Leather Jacket (my parent bought me in Greece), Men’s Large Tshirt (Kmart, $6, borrowed), Jeans (Target Children’s department, $25) & Booties (Shoe Warehouse in Brunswick, $35)

Black & White, for Day & Night

Today I’m rocking another black and white work outfit.
Black and white is simple. It’s safe. And it’s really hard to look bad in.
There’s also a little forward planning in this outfit as it will easily transition from work to a night out.

Outfit: Cue jacket (hand-me-down), dress (Factorie, $5), Diva Collar Necklace (Ozsale, $6) & Anne Michelle heels (gift from mum)

Inspiration isn’t just Black & White

My clothing inspiration comes from many different places; magazines, blogs, TV and even just people I see in the street. Today’s outfit was inspired by the below as for Review that popped up on my Facebook feed and as much as I’d love to buy every one of these pieces, I think my interpretation made from stuff I already had is pretty good.


Outfit: Coat ($10, Vintage sale), White jumper & beret (hand-me-downs from mum), Tweed skirt ($16, missguided, belt (from one of my Review dresses) & Shoes ($4, OpShop)