Flashback to Friday


With my extra outfit from last Thursday night and only one post over the weekend, I have a little back log of outfits.
Good thing  I do because I pressed snooze a few too many times this morning and didn’t have time for a photo.
This outfit from Friday was extremely comfortable and perfect for a chilly Melbourne winters day.

Outfit: Blazer (Portmans), Jumper (Savers, $3), Pants (Review, $50) & Wittner Platforms (DFO, $13)


90’s Nostalgia


This outfit has heaps of 90’s nostalgia to it – especially the frilly socks which were an absolutely staple for any girl aged 3-13.  They are the perfect combination with this adorable bow print playsuit that I picked up from the children’s department.

Outfit: Beret (Jay Jays, $5), Playsuit (Target, $7), Socks (Ozsale, $3) & Boots (Pay Less Shoes, $59)

Channelling Serena

My clothing inspiration comes from lots of different places – magazines, people on the street, blogs etc. But I also take inspiration from film and TV, most recently my obsession with Gossip Girl.
I really love the repeated Serena Van Der Woodsen combination of a thin sweater and feminine skirt. If only I could get away with being blonde! (I’ve tried and it was awful)

Outfit: Jumper (absolutely no idea), Skirt (RetroStar warehouse sale, $10) & boots (Target, $19)

External Influence

We all like to think the universe revolves around us, but it simply isn’t true. Today, however, I feel as though my sunny attitude (and outfit to match) has had a significant influence on Melbourne, which is seeing it’s first glimpse of sunshine in days.

Outfit: Top (Ozsale , $8), skirt (Review, $45) & AnneBelle heels (gift from mum)

Red, White & Blue

I’d be feeling very patriotic today if I were American. I find this strange because Australia has a red, white and blue flag yet we don’t consider these to be our patriotic colours.
This may be a dangerous choice considering we are right in the middle of the World Cup.

Outfit: Cue Jacket (hand-me-down), Basque Top (OpShop, $5), Skirt (Myer, $8) & Jenkin Heels (Ozsale, $12)

Inner Child

Some days all I wish I had was a full circle skirt so I can spin around as fast as possible and make it fly up!
That’s not exactly acceptable in an office situation, so I went with the next best thing.
I picked up this adorable houndstooth pinafore super cheap in Thailand (they don’t need woollen anything!) and it makes me feel like I’m 7 3/4 (coz that’s almost 8!)

Outfit: Pinafore (100baht), Hot Options Tshirt (Target, $6) & pirate booties ($85)

Short, Sweet and Spotted

The addition of opaque black tights in winter allows my hem line to go up a few inches – particularly for work. This slightly risky length is combatted with this super sweet baby doll necklined top. Add a pop of colour and no one will notice my bum is almost showing!

Outfit: Jacket (Valleygirl, $25), Top (Myer), Skirt (OpShop) & pirate booties ($85)