Mid Week Treat

Ok, so it’s not exactly the middle of the week, but I had a sick day on Monday so it sort of is for me. We all deserve a little treat to get us through these last couple of days.
This was the outfit I wore for a date, a party and then a night out on Saturday. I love the grunge vibe and the cheeky peekaboo bra.

Outfit: Top (DIY), Shorts (Thailand, $8) & Boots (Thailand, $10)


Leopard Print Lady

Today I decided I wanted to mix things up and wear something completely different to my usual work wear.
Ok, so it’s not completely different, I had to stick to my classic blazer to keep it more corporate than clubbing.

Outfit: Headband (Diva), Cue Blazer (Hand-me-down), t-shirt (Misshop), Skirt (Supre, $5) & Anne Michelle heels (gift from mum)

Design Fault

I got ready very quickly this morning and was proud of my super coordinated black and grey ensemble. Upon reflection, the grey tones of this feather print skirt are different from the tone of this grey peplum top. As part of the design team at my work I really should know better!

Outfit: Blazer (Portmans, $50), Top (Factorie, $2.50), Skirt (Kmart, $5) & Pirate Booties ($85)

Horsing Around

When I put on this adorable horse print top I immediately knew I had to pair it with these black and cream T-bar heels.
Unfortunately I haven’t worn them very often and did far more walking than planned which ended up with me limping by the end of the day (or maybe it was a gallop) . I guess it’s true; beauty is pain!

Outfit: Top (Thai Market, $3), Forecast Skirt (OpShop, $6) & heels (OpShop, $4)

Side Braid

Due to the amount of hair I have and the amount of time I have before work I rarely do anything more than a ponytail, but yesterday I thought I would get the mane under control with this cute side braid.
Because the photo was taken early in the morning the braid is very neat, but as the day went on I was constantly playing with it giving it a cool tasseled look.
For once I’m letting my hair be the focal point of my outfit.

Outfit: Top (Review), Skirt (Review, $50) & Heels (OpShop)

Sitcom Style

Lately I’ve been watching a sitcom called Dads. It is full of lame jokes and obvious story lines, but I can’t get enough of Brenda Song’s cool office meets grunge style (google her, you will see what I mean). Although I can’t get away with that look at my work, I have tried to put together some that (sans blazer) would make Brenda proud.

Outfit: Blazer (Portmans, $50), Jumper (Ozsale, $8), Skirt (Pinkdoll, $5) & Heels (Rivers, $15)