Time for a Cleanse


Today I did something I very rarely do. Wore white. This is such a rare occurrence that this is the first time I have worn this asymmetrical skirt and I bought it months ago!
It’s been a bizarre week for me, but last night I began my “back on track” process that I go through every couple of weeks in which I clean my room (despite what it looks like in this picture it is actually clean), I do all my laundry and I wash my hair. I think the cherry on top of my cleanse is putting together an outfit I’ve never worn before and nailing it. (Honestly, I feel like every reflective surface is my friend today).
It’s amazing the difference a bit of figurative and literally cleansing can make.

Outfit: Top (Valley Girl, $25), Skirt (Salted Carousel, $10) & Steve Madden Heels (Savers, $15)


Rust Bust

This rust coloured top is one of the first things I bought when I got my office job. I love the colour and the detail on the neckline, but my favourite thing is that it gives the illusion that I actually have boobs. Like they say; fake it til you make it.

Outfit: Top (Events, $20), Skirt (OpShop) & Heels (Ozsale, $12)

Stripe a Pose

Today the heavens have opened up on Melbourne and it has poured with rain. Luckily I remembered to take a pic this morning (and looking like a huge poser) because by the time I got to work my hair was completely frizzy, my pants were soaked and my shoes were filled with water. Whatever happened to the sunshine and extreme heat of last week?

Outfit: Top (Events, $20), Pants (Thailand, $10), Blazer (Portmans, $50) & Heels (Ozsale, $12)

Retro Review

I am a huge fan of Review. They make a huge range of vintage inspired clothes that are perfect for bringing a little glam to the office. Additionally, they have several outlet stores in Melbourne and seem to tailor their clothes perfectly for my body shape. This houndstooth print dress makes me feel like the ultimate 50’s mum, now all I need are some pearls and a vacuum.

Outfit: Dress (Review, $50) & Heels (from mum)

Little Details

I’ve mentioned many times before that I try to avoid all black outfits, and at first glance that’s what this looks like. But it’s the little details that keep it from being too plain. I’ve had this leopard print belt for years and honestly have no idea where it came from, but it makes a huge difference by defining my waist in this simple black dress. The gold buttons on my booties and the cut outs on the dress make the whole thing tie together. It truly is the little details that count.

Outfit: Dress ($20, Salted Carousel), Belt (no idea) & booties ($85)

Pleasant Peasant

At some stage in the early 2000’s peasant tops were a huge fashion trend. These light (both in colour and weight) tops were perfect for the Australian summer and honestly, I’m a little sad they aren’t a thing anymore. This dress is my work appropriate version of this past trend and is perfect as it’s a very pleasant 31 degrees in Melbourne. Only problem? It’s not even summer yet!

Outfit: Dress ($20) & Heels ($12) (both Ozsale)

Spring Work Basics

I often spend so much time putting together the perfect outfit that I forget about the simple joy of basics. Today it is a very pleasant 27 degrees in Melbourne so I opted for beige tights and tonight I’m working at a cocktail party, so this super simple and classic black and white ensemble was an easy choice.

Outfit: Blazer (Portmans, $50), Top (Events, $20), Skirt (OpShop) & Heels (Ozsale, $12)