Something Different

At a glance there isn’t anything overly special about this look. But thinking back to my style a year ago, there are several elements to this that are very different for me. Lets start at the bottom: shoes that are anything but black, pants instead of a skirt, an untucked shirt that is neither billowy or collared, no blazer and, though it’s hard to see here, decorative hair clips – which I’m fairly sure I haven’t worn since high school.

Outfit: Top (Opshop), Mix Pants (OpShop, $1) & London Rebel Heels (OpShop, $4)

{only just realised I’m entirely dressed by the OpShop}


Details, Details, Details

What started out as a “I’ll just wear a simple skirt and plain top” kind of day, ended up with this. At the heart of it it’s exactly what I had originally planned, but a few little details make it something special. A classic pencil skirt with a graphic print paired with a t-shirt with a twist (literally) suddenly turns simple to stunning.

Outfit: Piper Cardigan (Myer), Top (Portmans, $20), Skirt (Review, $50) & Heels (Big W, $20)

Is it just me….


Is it just me, or do other women try on an article of clothing that is particularly stretchy and some how justify purchasing it  because “I could so wear this if I got pregnant”. Luckily this super stretchy print midi dress doesn’t have to accommodate for that just yet, just for a lot of Thai food.

Outfit: Cue Blazer (Hand-me-down), Dress (BooHoo, $20) & Heels (from mum)

IMG_3174{dress stretching over a belly full of Thai food}

White Night


On Saturday Melbourne celebrated it’s 3rd annual White Night – a twelve hour spectacle of local and international art in the Melbourne CBD. We were incredibly lucky to have gorgeous weather eliminating the need to even take a jacket out – it was so hot in fact that I ended up going out in a singlet instead of this 3/4 sleeved top. I also had a really fun time playing up the school girl vibes of this outfit.

Outfit: Bow Headband (20c, Thailand), Top (Supre, $8), Skirt (Misshop) & Heels (Ozsale, $10)


{Melbourne’s iconic Flinders Street Station turned into projection art for White Night}

Navy & Black


Prior to working in an office I don’t know if I even owned a navy article of clothing, and if I did I certainly didn’t wear it often. Now-a-days I wear something navy at least once a week. This super simple navy, jersey skirt has become a staple in my work wardrobe that I don’t know what I would do without. A matching navy print top and all black accessories, I felt powerful and sexy – I guess that explains the smug look on my face!

Outfit: Cue Blazer (hand-me-down), Tokito Top (Myer, $20), Skirt (Living Doll, $5) & Heels (from mum)

Touches of Tan


I have worn out about 7 pair of black work heels in the last 2 years. I wear them to death – literally. So lately I have endeavoured to wear different shoes as often as I can. These vintage Italian leather booties are like butter on my feet, they are the perfect cut and a great colour to change up from my usual black. Even better, they match with this great top. Definitely going to give them a bit more of a run this year – especially come winter!

Outfit: Cardigan (Misshop), Top (Events, $20), Skirt (Opshop) & Booties (Vintage, $40)

Simply Peachy


Some days I wake up and have a crystal clear picture in my head of what I’m going to wear, and some days I can stare at my wardrobe for hours thinking “I have nothing!”
Over time I have learnt that in the case of the latter it’s best not to over think it and just go with something simple.
All black with a peach t-shirt – how can you go wrong? Luckily when I got home I felt a wave of inspiration and planned the next 4 days of outfits.

What’s your solution when you have fashion block?

Outfit: Cardigan (Dotti, $30), T-Shirt (Misshop, $2.50), Skirt (OpShop, $6) & Wedges (Myer, $70)