Australia Day the Kendrick Way


Last Monday, the 26th of January, we celebrated Australia Day. For anyone who has not been to Australia or experienced this holiday, it is a day in which we proudly display all those things that are quintessentially Australian such as BBQ’s, Footy Shorts (Australian Rules Football that is), Thongs (the type of shoes), Vegemite and unashamedly drinking during the day.

My new house has held a party on this day for the past 3 years, and, despite being down a few housemates, this year was to be no different. We even managed to make sure my housemate (& brother), who is in India at the moment, didn’t miss out by having a life-sized cut out of him attend (see pic). We enjoyed beers, a BBQ, a pool, badminton, cricket, finska (a fantastic Finnish game) and the traditional Triple J Hottest 100, including a sweep with some of the best and worst prizes (we can make anything a competition).

As much as I love Australia Day, I’m kind of glad it is only once a year, because the clean up last Tuesday was extremely unpleasant.

Outfit: Vegemite Jumper (Vintage, from mum), Footy Shorts (from a friend), Australian Flag Bandana (Spotlight, $3) & Bundy Thongs (not pictured, free!)


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