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I have to talk about these jeans! I recently decided to give in to the ultimate sign of a Melbourne hipster and invest (more time than money) in two pair of Dejour jeans. Dejour is an awesome little store in Brunswick that not only has a wide range of affordable jeans (prices are around $50 a pair) but they also tailor the jeans to your exact size for FREE!

I went in knowing I wanted 2 pair – a high waisted skinny black pair and a classic blue denim in Boyfriend/Mum style. I tried on about 5 different styles/sizes before landing on these two pair. They are both Extra High Waisted which I find sit better on me as I have quite a long torso. I ended up with a Straight Leg/Mum style for the blue pair as I found the fit a little better than the Boyfriend style (also the Boyfriend style has a button fly which I’m not into).

As someone with substantially more booty than waist getting tailored jeans is a real treat. For the black skinnies I started in a size 10 and had the waist taken in about 7 inches, as well as the legs tapered. They have stretched a little since I purchased them, so after a wash I’m going to head back to get them taken in a little further – did I mention that they will re-alter and repair them for free for the lifetime of your jeans?


Here are a few tips for shopping at Dejour:

  • Go Early – the best time to visit Dejour is first thing on a Monday morning as it’s the quietest time. I went on a Friday morning and there were at least 15 people in there (it’s a tiny shop, so that’s pretty much capacity)
  • DO NOT GO ON SATURDAY! – I can’t stress this enough. Staff in store will discourage you coming in on the weekend as it is just so insanely busy. I used to live around the corner from Dejour and often saw lines going a block up the street waiting just to get into the store
  • Give yourself plenty of time – I would suggest giving yourself a few hours to commit to a trip to Dejour. It took about 30 minutes for me to select, try on and have staff mark up alterations on my 2 pair of jeans, then it took just over an hour for the alterations to be made (a great time to grab brunch on Sydney Road and have a peek into Savers – a huge OpShop just a few blocks down the road). Upon pick up I tried on my jeans one more time and had to have some additional alterations made – which only took about 5 – 10 minutes.

It’s now been almost 2 months since I bought my Dejour Jeans and I’ve been wearing both pair ALOT! The black skinnies work with everything from casual T-shirts to heels on a night out and I’ve even worn them to work with a button up shirt and boots (still not 100% comfortable with jeans at work, but I was in a fairly relaxed office so I embraced it for one day). The blue pair have been my go-to weekend pants, I love tucking a T-shirt into the super high waist and chucking on my Converses to grab brunch. I’m also looking forward to how they will wear-in over the coming months and years and maybe even adding some of those trendy rips (most likely from overwear/general clumsiness).

So if you live in Melbourne, or just visiting, I would recommend a visit to Dejour to get your next perfect pair of jeans. Visit Dejour’s Facebook page here.

I would like to clarify that I’m not associated with Dejour at all, they are just super rad and I cannot speak highly enough of them!

Rainy Day Blue


I’m having a serious blue moment right now. I’ve never worn a lot of blue, but this super soft scarf, my blue pencil skirt & an electric blue wool skirt have been on constant rotation in the last few weeks as the temperatures have dropped. It’s nice to add that bold pop of colour to a fairly basic outfit.

I wore this outfit shopping with a friend on a rainy Melbourne day. I like elevating the “jeans and a t-shirt” look. This oversized polkadot top is one that I’ve only ever worn to work in the past – usually with simple black pants or a bright red pencil skirt – but thought I would dress it down with jeans and a denim jacket (double denim is back!).

One of my favourite things about this denim jacket (that I claimed from my mum a few years ago) is the addition of a growing collection of pins, the start of which was a trio of music related pins I picked up on my travels in the US last year (Graceland, Route 66 & Sun Studio). It’s a great way to incorporate souvenirs into everyday – and trick people into asking me about my trip so I can reminisce about it all over again.


Happy Hour with Helen – Ladies Night


My gorgeous friend Helen and I met in a bar a few years ago. And despite saying Bub-Bye to the men who brought us together long ago, we still enjoy a drink together as often as we can.

We enjoy a bargain drink just as much as a bargain shop, so we are always looking for the best (aka. cheapest) happy hour. In this series I’ll be showcasing some of our favourite places to drink in Melbourne, new places we try out and special events and parties. Pretty much anywhere you can get an espresso martini.

On Saturday I dragged invited Helen to the Swinburne Uni Football Club’s Ladies night, along with my wonderful friend Steph.


It was a very quick “Yes” from Helen when I told her that you get a free espresso martini with your $15 entry (can you guess what our favourite drink is yet?) and $5 drinks for the rest of the night.

We (ie. I) did our fair share of drinking (we were supporting the footy club – nothing like drinking for a cause), but the real highlight was the entertainment. The boys of the footy club put on several amazing performances all for the ladies viewing pleasure – and, at points, their horror. I wish I could show you what went on (there are some photos/videos floating around the interwebs) but you truly had to be there.

So how would I rate it? (I’m working on a 5 star system here)

Price – 5 stars
Quality – 2 stars (especially when I somehow found myself behind the bar serving everyone else’s drinks!)

None to speak of (I ate beforehand)

Definitely 5 stars! Everyone was just having a great time and the entertainment couldn’t be beat

All round:
Despite the drinks not being the best (espresso martinis in plastic just aren’t the same) I’d still rate the night a solid 4½ stars. 100% will go again next year.


Where in Melbourne do you like to drink? Have you found a great local, a hidden gem or a super cheap happy hour? Let me know in the comments below!


Get the look – Autumn mix up

Autumn mix up

I actually think I like this off the shoulder khaki skater dress better than the one I currently own. I love that it falls right from the top, but also doesn’t seem shapeless.
This season I’m using leopard print more and more. It’s fun, timeless and can be used as a neutral or an accent.

Cowboy boots have definitely made a come back of late. Whether with the classic jeans, or with more feminine options, they are great for transitioning into the cooler months. Below is a pinterest board with some of my favourite cowboy boots looks (click through to see more).

Screen Shot 2017-05-03 at 3.49.25 pm

Need some tips on how to wear cowboy boots? Check out this post on The Chic Site for more.

Autumn mix up


Casual dressing at this time of year can easily see me falling into a rut of wearing jeans to EVERYTHING! I wanted to mix it up for a friends house party with this dress, tights and cowboy boots combo.

I bought two pair of cowboy boots when I was in Nashville last year and I am all about them this autumn. They are a great in between shoes, more elevated than flat boots (both in style and heel height) but more casual than all my other heeled options


Fashion dreams – Gingham Jumpsuit

I often spend hours, days or weeks lusting over an item that I will never be able to justify purchasing. But it’s fun to dream…

Gingham Jumpsuit – Anthropologie

I fell in love with this jumpsuit when I saw it on Love Taza.  I love that it works for summer as a stand alone piece, but can be easily transitioned through seasons by adding a T-shirt or turtleneck. Unfortunately, at £128 (approx. $220 AUD) it’s a bit out of my budget (plus they don’t ship to Australia), so I’ve found some similar, more affordable options below.

Gingham Jumpsuit
We are just heading into winter here in Melbourne, so I won’t be grabbing a gingham jumpsuit just yet, but it will definitely be on my shopping list come spring time.
Keen to get your Gingham on now? Check out my Pinterest page for winter gingham inspiration!
Gingham Goodies

Get the look – Blue Pencil Skirt

Blue Pencil


All my life my mum has been a big fan of the turtleneck jumper and I have definitely grown to appreciate them more and more. Particularly a good quality black turtleneck which I believe is something every girl should invest in. My mum has a collection of excellent quality, pure wool turtleneck jumpers that she has collected over years when they have been on sale (full price they can cost anywhere from $150 upwards), so this cotton variation is a great affordable alternative. I love jersey pencil skirts for winter, they are super comfy and have they grace to allow for a little extra winter weight.
Tip: Wear control top tights to avoid unwanted lumps and bumps.