Blue Pencil Skirt


In true Melbourne fashion, we got a serious cold spell in late April. Not only were the temperatures low, there was intermittent rain and strong winds. Luckily the sun poked it’s head out long enough for my housemate Steve to take these shots.

This black turtleneck has been one of my top op-shop finds. I bought it for $1 about 10 years ago. Someone has shrunk in the washing machine which is great for me in two ways. 1. I can now put it through the washing machine with no worries. 2. The sleeves are extra long so I can pull them into make-shift mittens.

The skirt is slightly too big around the waist but I love the colour so much I couldn’t pass up buying it (especially when it was marked down to $8). I usually wear a thick elastic belt to hide the extra fabric, but I really like the paper-bag look a thinner belt creates. I also love that this look could easily been worn in the office as is or with the addition of a blazer and black pumps for a really corporate look.



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