Happy Hour with Helen – Public House


I just started a new job and on my first day I was lucky to finish up at around 2pm. What was I to do with an afternoon off? Of course I called up my dear friend, and regular drinking buddy, Helen.

Helen conveniently lives in Richmond, a suburb thats on my train trip home and is home to a bevy of amazing bars. On this particular day we decided to try out Public House on Church Street.

Although the staff were clearly mid pow wow when we walked in, they showed no annoyance or judgement when we ordered our first drink before 3pm on a Tuesday.

We sat in the semi enclosed outdoor area which was a nice middle ground of being outside, but not freezing our little butts of in the harsh Melbourne winter weather.

Apparently it can be quite hopping on a Friday or Saturday night, but for a casual mid-week afternoon drink it hard a very cool and chilled vibe, exactly what we were after.


4 stars – They were nice and pretty average Melbourne prices.

We didn’t eat any, but their menu looks delish!

I’ll save judgement on this one until I go there on a Friday or Saturday night, but the company was top notch.

All round:
3½ stars – reasonable drinks and friendly staff, but the decor could do with a bit of an update.



Perfect Pasta Salad


I love to cook. I’m usually a baker, known at my previous work places for everything from slice to cookies to cake and particularly my vegan cupcakes (I will feature this recipe soon).

Recently I’ve been trying out some new recipes for main meals to mix it up and expand my savoury repertoire. I based my recipe for pasta salad on this one, with some small adjustments. It was super easy, cheap, tasty and made enough to share with my housemates and even take some home to Mum and Dad.


I was fairly true to the original recipe, however I used green capsicum instead of red (because there wasn’t any at the supermarket) and I used a red onion.
My housemate Steve assisted me in cooking my first ever hard boiled eggs. If you’ve never hard boiled any egg before I very much enjoyed Steve’s method – put the eggs in simmering water, then forget about it for a while and when you remember they will be ready.


While the pasta cooked (I used a packet and a half of pasta for this recipe) I chopped up the capsicum, celery, onion and eggs. Then got started on the sauce.


The original recipe is clearly from the US and called for Miracle Whip. I’m sure if you scoured unusually grocery stores or possibly Costco you could find miracle whip in Australia, but when I googled it it seems to just be mayonnaise with paprika and garlic powder so I made my own.

Stir everything into the sauce and that’s it! Super easy, super quick. Made in under 20 minutes. This is a great recipe for feeding a crowd at a BBQ, in fact my housemate said “it tastes like a picnic”, but it works just as well as an easy lunch or simple side dish.


Happy Hour with Helen – Ladies Night


My gorgeous friend Helen and I met in a bar a few years ago. And despite saying Bub-Bye to the men who brought us together long ago, we still enjoy a drink together as often as we can.

We enjoy a bargain drink just as much as a bargain shop, so we are always looking for the best (aka. cheapest) happy hour. In this series I’ll be showcasing some of our favourite places to drink in Melbourne, new places we try out and special events and parties. Pretty much anywhere you can get an espresso martini.

On Saturday I dragged invited Helen to the Swinburne Uni Football Club’s Ladies night, along with my wonderful friend Steph.


It was a very quick “Yes” from Helen when I told her that you get a free espresso martini with your $15 entry (can you guess what our favourite drink is yet?) and $5 drinks for the rest of the night.

We (ie. I) did our fair share of drinking (we were supporting the footy club – nothing like drinking for a cause), but the real highlight was the entertainment. The boys of the footy club put on several amazing performances all for the ladies viewing pleasure – and, at points, their horror. I wish I could show you what went on (there are some photos/videos floating around the interwebs) but you truly had to be there.

So how would I rate it? (I’m working on a 5 star system here)

Price – 5 stars
Quality – 2 stars (especially when I somehow found myself behind the bar serving everyone else’s drinks!)

None to speak of (I ate beforehand)

Definitely 5 stars! Everyone was just having a great time and the entertainment couldn’t be beat

All round:
Despite the drinks not being the best (espresso martinis in plastic just aren’t the same) I’d still rate the night a solid 4½ stars. 100% will go again next year.


Where in Melbourne do you like to drink? Have you found a great local, a hidden gem or a super cheap happy hour? Let me know in the comments below!


The Good, The Bad & The Ugly – Part 3

This is the third and final instalment in The Good, The Bad & The Ugly series. I probably could have written another 15 posts about of all the weird and wonderful things my mother and I have been hoarding, but I am trying to keep it to the most standout pieces – like this collection of (truly awful) Hawaiian shirts that my dad was reluctant to get rid of. By the end of the weekend we had gone through 6 large bags, 3 clothes racks and several boxes of clothes. Considering how many items we still loved, we were very restrained in how much came back into our wardrobes. We are now in a position to pack everything neatly back into boxes and bags ready to sell at Markets.

If you live in Melbourne keep an eye out for details of where and when we will be selling it all off!

Here are a few more of my favourite finds:

{wore this beanie around all day, was so cosy I had to take it home}


{We don’t do understated, this vest is the perfect example}


{my whole family are suckers for a good knit – this one is going to live with my brother}


{we also cleared out our dress ups box, there were some creepy things in there – witch fingers?!}


{something a little different for me, keeping these work overalls for painting}


{A complete vintage work outfit. Keeping, keeping, keeping!}

The Good, The Bad & The Ugly – Part 2

Day two of the clothing clear out was extremely productive. We sorted through five extra large bags filled with clothes and arranged them into sizes ready for selling – there also may have been a few things that snuck back into my bag to come home with me. I’m really enjoying hearing about how mum came to own all of these interesting pieces – especially the ones where I go “eww, thats awful” and mum goes “that was my good going out clothes”.

Here are a few of day two’s best finds:

{full black satin formal outfit in perfect condition}

{The fluffiest jumper – great for giving hugs}

{floral cotton blazer, such a shame it’s too big for me}

{Scarf with a zip, for those too important to knot}

{here’s a book to assist those who can’t afford the zip}

{Loving these fur trimmed gloves}

{free sunnies and bumbag from TV Week circa 1990}

{I kind of like this 80’s jumper, except for the fact I look like I have a huntsman on my chest}

{denim vest with galaxy AND rose print, so bad it’s good – KEEPING!}

The Good, The Bad & The Ugly – Part 1

It’s been a bit quiet  here on EK’s Daily Dress lately. But good things come to those who wait!

As mentioned here, I’m at home for the Easter long weekend to go through a huge amount of old clothes in preparation for selling them – both at markets and online.

Despite arriving after 10pm last night, mum and I got straight into it, going through some of the nicer and more unusual vintage pieces that have come from a huge variety of places including garage sales, opshops, friends, grandparents and mum’s pre-children wardrobe – 80’s much?

Check out some of my favourite finds so far:

{amazing 80’s jumper – trying to encourage my brother to keep}

{shirt dress & jumper dresses – mum’s favourites from 1987}

{vintage high waisted pants that were a perfect fit on me – KEEPING!}


{mum modelling an unusual use of animal print, awful or awesome? What do you think?}


  {loving this two toned vintage bag – KEEPING!}

{vintage socks, mint condition, 39 cents, any takers?}


{wide brim hats are so hot right now!}


{These vintage Dunlop Volleys could be mistaken for brand new – they haven’t changed the design in over 30 years!}

Golden Plains

Firstly, apologies for the terrible mirror shot, but this is the only picture I have of me in any of my outfits from Golden Plains Music Festival (GP) that was held over the long weekend.

This year was my 4th GP and it is definitely one of my favourite festivals. The crowd is very relaxed, everyone is having a great time and with 4000 less people than it’s sister festival, Meredith Music Festival, it’s much less crowded. In the frenzy of Birthday celebrations last week I didn’t get the time to follow my usual festival prep (read about it here) which unfortunately meant my digital camera was out of batteries, but I did take two disposable cameras with me which I hope to get developed and post soon.

Festival summary:

Highlights: Conor Oberst, Courtney Barnett & dancing on a hill away from the crowds at 4:30am

Most WTF moments: The Village People & glitter in places glitter should never be (thankfully not on me)

Downside: Everyone at work is refreshed from the long weekend and I’m still in recovery mode.

Outfit: CottonOn Hat (Ozsale, $3.50), T-Shirt (MBK Thailand, free!), Shorts (Thailand, $4), Frilly Socks (Ozsale, $3) & Shoes (Vintage, from mum)