Absence makes the heart grow fonder

I cannot believe it has been 2 years since I did a blog post!

Just when I think I’ll give up on it for good (and delete the evidence to avoid my 20-something year old fashion choices being dug up) I find something that inspires me to come back and give blogging another go.

So what was it this time? It was many factors. The main of which is the big change I made by quitting my office job of over 4 years. Moving out of my comfort zone has made me look at my whole life from a different angle, particularly the way I dress and, more importantly, the way I feel in the clothes I like.

With a bit more spare time on my hands, I’ve also been binge-reading What I Wore and despite the fact that she is a 30-something year old, married, mother of two based in US (and I’m a 20-something year old, single, no-kids-any-time-soon based in Australia) I’ve really connected with her down to earth, practical and affordable style. It’s really inspired me to take another look at my wardrobe and the things that really make me feel good.

So what have I been doing since the last time I posted?

Well, not much and plenty! (isn’t that always the way when something asks?)

In March 2016 a had a moment of insanity charity and shaved my hair off to raise funds for the Leukaemia Foundation. A huge thank you goes out to all my friends and family who supported me and help me raise over $6,500.
It was an incredible feeling to do something selfless – almost equally incredible is the feeling of exfoliating your head!


In July 2016 I embarked on a 7 week (mostly) solo trip around the US. I spent a week in LA, took a 7 day tour out to Las Vegas, the Grand Canyon, Yosemite National Park, the Napa Valley and San Francisco where I spent another week before flying to NYC. After a week in NY solo, my parents joined me for 4 days in the city before we flew to Chattanooga, Tennessee to visit family friends and then did a road trip to Nashville and Memphis before I headed home.
It was an amazing experience, which I could talk about for days (if anyone is interested in reading a detailed post about my trip, I’d love to reminisce)


My other big milestone, as I said earlier, was quitting my job. Not for greener pastures or to follow my passion (Does watching Netflix and eating chocolate in bed count as a passion?) but to push myself to try new things, which has had some amazing physical and emotional effects.

I’ve still been actively putting on clothes that make me feel good and occasionally posting them on instagram (Follow me here) and I hope in this new era of EK’s Daily Dress to be able to inspire as well as diversify slightly to incorporate more factors of my lifestyle, not just the way I dress. I’m still on the fence about how I’m going to format posts and how often I’ll post (I see now that daily is a little TOO much) so please bare with me while I find my feet.

Feel free to contact me with feedback or just to say Hi by leaving a comment or visiting the Contact page.

Thank you for reading and I hope you enjoy the new EK’s Daily Dress.


She’s back!


Due to popular demand, EK’s Daily Dress is back, after almost 6 months!

Ok, so the demand might not have been that popular, but after going through 6 years of blog posts on my new obsession, Cupcakes and Cashmere , I am feeling inspired to share my fashion finds with the world again.

Let’s consider this a fresh start. I’ve just moved into a new house and am really enjoying having real wardrobes (rather than over crowded racks) and had a chance to see pieces I’d forgotten I owned.

I also plan to make a few changes to the blog this time (haven’t decided what exactly, but let’s just see how it goes).

So here we go, day one of a new era….

It’s not easy being green…


Unless you’re wearing this dress.
Then you’re fine 🙂

I got this dress from DFO for $20!

It is extremely flattering (drawing attention to the waist with the black band, and making hips look smaller with the peplum) and surprisingly warm (the temperature has dropped a good 10 degrees from yesterday).

I also like the little bit of sheer black detailing on the neckline.

This dress is a star in its own right, so I’ve just paired it with black tights and heels and when it cooled down I added my black Portman’s blazer.

Dress Deception…..

06.11.2013I have already have a few comments on my outfit today.

I’ve gotten a few I-love-your-skirt’s and some cute-top’s, but in fact it’s a dress.

This is yet another great purchase from Ozsale.
I think it was about $15. It’s a little bit girlier than a lot of my other clothes, but it’s really comfy and perfect for when the weather gets warm (It’s a lovely 28 degrees in Melbourne today!)

I chucked on my black Dotti cardi just because the aircon is always on in my office, and I’m also wearing beige tights, not for warmth, but because I got the stupidest tan line yesterday and need to try cover it up!

Decided to keep my hair down to make the most of the curls remaining from Sunday.

Wedding bells….

03.11.2013No, it’s not my wedding.
It’s actually my best friend Lindsay’s big day.
Unfortunately I didn’t make the cut for the bridesmaids, but I am performing a song during the ceremony.

The wedding is out doors, so I thought I should wear something bright!

I bought the dress first from MissGuided for $16. The moment I got it in my hot little hands I decided this was the dress I was going to wear to the wedding.

It was a serious mission to find shoes to match the dress. I tried almost every shoe store in the CBD, eventually I found these awesome multicoloured heels on Brands Exclusive for only $18!

After the shoe debacle, I didn’t even bother trying to find a headpiece to match, instead I headed to Clegs and bought ribbon to match my shoes and put together this cute hairclip.

The necklace was one I already owned, left over from when my mum had her jewellery making phase.

And finally, I’ll let you in on a little secret; the lace section of this dress is see-through (gasp!) so I’m just wearing a beige bra underneath.
Fingers crossed noone looks too close!

Lighten up….

01.11.2013As the weather gets warmer and the sun starts to come out, clothes get lighter (both in colour and weight)

Today I dressed for spring.

Yes I know it’s been spring for a month now, but we haven’t experienced too much spring weather yet.

This cute green top is from Jay Jays. I got it for $5 when I was about 15.
I love that I can wear it to work, and also dress it down with some jeans for the weekend.

Despite staying true with my black tights and cardigan (I did put my pointy black heels on before I left the house), I lifted the whole outfit by mixing it up with my grey pencil skirt (another great OpShop find).

Topped off with a high bun, I’m ready to enjoy spring 🙂

1, 2, 3, go!

31.10.2013Firstly, ignore my awful face in this picture.

Secondly, I need a mirror this big at my house!

Thirdly, look at that view! 26th floor!

Finally, lets talk about the outfit.

I love love love this black and red Review skirt.
It is an incredible fit, it feels amazing and its got that little quirk I’m always rattling on about.

Today I have paired it with all black, including my black satin and lace top which keeps the look very soft and feminine.

This outfit is surprisingly comfortable for work clothes, which makes this face even more confusing…..