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I have to talk about these jeans! I recently decided to give in to the ultimate sign of a Melbourne hipster and invest (more time than money) in two pair of Dejour jeans. Dejour is an awesome little store in Brunswick that not only has a wide range of affordable jeans (prices are around $50 a pair) but they also tailor the jeans to your exact size for FREE!

I went in knowing I wanted 2 pair – a high waisted skinny black pair and a classic blue denim in Boyfriend/Mum style. I tried on about 5 different styles/sizes before landing on these two pair. They are both Extra High Waisted which I find sit better on me as I have quite a long torso. I ended up with a Straight Leg/Mum style for the blue pair as I found the fit a little better than the Boyfriend style (also the Boyfriend style has a button fly which I’m not into).

As someone with substantially more booty than waist getting tailored jeans is a real treat. For the black skinnies I started in a size 10 and had the waist taken in about 7 inches, as well as the legs tapered. They have stretched a little since I purchased them, so after a wash I’m going to head back to get them taken in a little further – did I mention that they will re-alter and repair them for free for the lifetime of your jeans?


Here are a few tips for shopping at Dejour:

  • Go Early – the best time to visit Dejour is first thing on a Monday morning as it’s the quietest time. I went on a Friday morning and there were at least 15 people in there (it’s a tiny shop, so that’s pretty much capacity)
  • DO NOT GO ON SATURDAY! – I can’t stress this enough. Staff in store will discourage you coming in on the weekend as it is just so insanely busy. I used to live around the corner from Dejour and often saw lines going a block up the street waiting just to get into the store
  • Give yourself plenty of time – I would suggest giving yourself a few hours to commit to a trip to Dejour. It took about 30 minutes for me to select, try on and have staff mark up alterations on my 2 pair of jeans, then it took just over an hour for the alterations to be made (a great time to grab brunch on Sydney Road and have a peek into Savers – a huge OpShop just a few blocks down the road). Upon pick up I tried on my jeans one more time and had to have some additional alterations made – which only took about 5 – 10 minutes.

It’s now been almost 2 months since I bought my Dejour Jeans and I’ve been wearing both pair ALOT! The black skinnies work with everything from casual T-shirts to heels on a night out and I’ve even worn them to work with a button up shirt and boots (still not 100% comfortable with jeans at work, but I was in a fairly relaxed office so I embraced it for one day). The blue pair have been my go-to weekend pants, I love tucking a T-shirt into the super high waist and chucking on my Converses to grab brunch. I’m also looking forward to how they will wear-in over the coming months and years and maybe even adding some of those trendy rips (most likely from overwear/general clumsiness).

So if you live in Melbourne, or just visiting, I would recommend a visit to Dejour to get your next perfect pair of jeans. Visit Dejour’s Facebook page here.

I would like to clarify that I’m not associated with Dejour at all, they are just super rad and I cannot speak highly enough of them!

Rainy Day Blue


I’m having a serious blue moment right now. I’ve never worn a lot of blue, but this super soft scarf, my blue pencil skirt & an electric blue wool skirt have been on constant rotation in the last few weeks as the temperatures have dropped. It’s nice to add that bold pop of colour to a fairly basic outfit.

I wore this outfit shopping with a friend on a rainy Melbourne day. I like elevating the “jeans and a t-shirt” look. This oversized polkadot top is one that I’ve only ever worn to work in the past – usually with simple black pants or a bright red pencil skirt – but thought I would dress it down with jeans and a denim jacket (double denim is back!).

One of my favourite things about this denim jacket (that I claimed from my mum a few years ago) is the addition of a growing collection of pins, the start of which was a trio of music related pins I picked up on my travels in the US last year (Graceland, Route 66 & Sun Studio). It’s a great way to incorporate souvenirs into everyday – and trick people into asking me about my trip so I can reminisce about it all over again.