Get the look – Rainy Day Blue

Rainy Day Blue
When the weather is miserable, its easy to let your mood reflect that which has a carry-on affect to what you wear. For me that means boring clothes; Trackie pants, hoodies and (shamefully) ugg boots. While I definitely have days in those outfits, it’s nice to fight the weather and wear something a little more cheerful.
Polka dots are so whimsical they immediately brighten the feel of an outfit. Whether its black and white, multicoloured, a cute accessory or a bold dress, polka dots are just so fun! Add a touch of colour – like a bright scarf or some cute pins – and see how your mood reflects your clothes and not the weather.
Need a little extra something to cheer you up on a rainy day? Check out these fun bright options.
Rainy Day Brights


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Rainy Day Blue


I’m having a serious blue moment right now. I’ve never worn a lot of blue, but this super soft scarf, my blue pencil skirt & an electric blue wool skirt have been on constant rotation in the last few weeks as the temperatures have dropped. It’s nice to add that bold pop of colour to a fairly basic outfit.

I wore this outfit shopping with a friend on a rainy Melbourne day. I like elevating the “jeans and a t-shirt” look. This oversized polkadot top is one that I’ve only ever worn to work in the past – usually with simple black pants or a bright red pencil skirt – but thought I would dress it down with jeans and a denim jacket (double denim is back!).

One of my favourite things about this denim jacket (that I claimed from my mum a few years ago) is the addition of a growing collection of pins, the start of which was a trio of music related pins I picked up on my travels in the US last year (Graceland, Route 66 & Sun Studio). It’s a great way to incorporate souvenirs into everyday – and trick people into asking me about my trip so I can reminisce about it all over again.