Get the Look – Red-y to Work it

Red-y to Work It
Sorry for the delay on this post, but I thought it only seemed appropriate to hold off on this look until we were right on the brink of the 4th of July. But it’s here just in time for any of my American readers to steal some ideas for a slightly more subdued patriotic look.
Although this look works all year round, and all around the world, I like the idea that on a certain day of the year everyone comes out in their red, white and blue. I suppose every country has their patriotic day – my insta feed has been sprinkled with Canada day pics in the last few days and on Jan 26 it’s riddled with footy shorts and bottles of VBs – but I can assure you that over the next few days I will read at least 15 blog posts about what people did and wore on 4th of July and my insta feed will be coated with stars and stripes.
I love a themed outfit, I’m always keen to get my Australia Day outfit on, but I like that with 4th of July you can go full on American flag, or you can put together a pulled together outfit that just happens to be red, white and blue, like the one above.
I’m sure there are some poor soles out there that still have to work on their national holiday, so why not mix some festive pieces into your work wardrobe? Or even those who aren’t into cut off levis and star and stripes singlets, there are plenty of cool, subtle and classy ways to be festive.
Screen Shot 2017-07-03 at 11.55.23 am
I think red, white and blue work great together always, especially with some classic blue denim and stripes, but don’t box yourself into what is expected for your patriotic look, be you with a touch of national pride.
I hope I haven’t alienated anyone by rambling on about America, but I hope my American readers have a wonderful, fun and fashionable 4th of July!

I’m Blue (Dubudee Dubuda)….

14.08.2013Oh Crap! Now that song is stuck in my head!

Today is all about this super cool blue jacket I got on the weekend from Valley Girl.
At least four people have already commented on the colour of it today.

Just goes to show that all you need is one key piece to make an outfit.

The rest of the outfit is rather boring once you get rid of the jacket. My new black pencil skirt (twice in one week, how naughty), black tights and shoes and just a plain white button up shirt.

I think the white button up shirt is a bit underappreciated. I don’t wear it often, but when I do I always think “Why don’t I wear this more often?” (these are the gems of knowledge that frequently enter my brain).
I like this one in particular because it is very fitted. I have to wear a singlet underneath to make it work appropriate, but it gives me options to add another point of colour, I’ve even been known to wear a bright red singlet under an entirely monochromatic ensemble, and it looks stunning (should do that again soon!).

Good luck getting that song out of your head……