Review my Closet


When I started working in the corporate world I quickly sourced my go to brands for affordable, stylish and flattering clothes. But I think my hands down, absolute favourite brand is Review. It may not be super affordable, but they have several outlet stores in Melbourne (at DFO and on Bridge Road) where you can get a bargain price for these top quality pieces.

I purchased this pencil skirt (along with a jacket that matches) in a shopping spree when I got my first corporate reception job in 2012. I had scrimped and saved and worked every extra shift I could so I could have a little spare cash to get a new wardrobe for this exciting new chapter of my life. My mum came down to Melbourne and we spent the day on Bridge Road stocking up on suits.

This jacket is from another Review skirt suit, courtesy of my mum. I didn’t own a matching black suit and mum tracked this one as it got reduced at her local Myer and eventually bought it for my birthday a couple of years ago.

I find Review has the right cut for me, they always fit my waist and aren’t too tight around the hips. Off the top of my head I can think of 2 suits, 2 skirts, 3 tops, 1 dress and a pair of pants that I have from Review and I love the days that I wear any of them, and even better if I can wear two!



Street Style Colour Combo

IMG_3091I love people watching. I could literally spend hours just watching people walking down the street, mostly checking out their outfits for inspiration. Working in the Melbourne CBD I get an opportunity to do this everyday at lunch and love seeing different looks, from quirky street style to office chic. The other day I saw someone wearing a burgundy shirt with a purple pencil skirt and I thought ‘I would never have put those together’ but it looked incredible. Lucky me, I have an extensive enough wardrobe that I was able to recreate it.

What do you think of this colour combo?

Outfit: Top (ValleyGirl, $25), Skirt (Forever21, $13), Belt (Review) & Heels (Misshop)