Back in Black – Casual


I’ll be the first to admit that casual clothes can often mean boring. If I have no where in particular to go I will usually end up in basic jeans and a t-shirt. But even in a monochrome palette jeans and a t-shirt can still have some interest.

I believe the key is mixing textures and proportions. Skinny high waisted jeans, a super soft tee and an oversized knit creates enough interest to fight to boring.

The thing I love about this look is you can wear it all year round in one form or another. Ditch the knit and change the jeans for shorts and you’re ready for summer. Make the t-shirt long sleeved and add a heavier knit and you’re set for a chilly Melbourne winters day.

Screen Shot 2017-06-06 at 10.00.05 am Best thing about this look is that it’s so easy to make it your own. You a tough chick? Try it with Doc Martins and a leather jacket. Bit of a girly girl? Add some pretty heels and a lacy top. Want to add some colour? Well there are a million ways to do that!

If you’re new to the colour game start with some small additions, a bright belt or a cute scarf, even a statement pair of shoes. If you’re after something bolder, what about coloured jeans? Or a bright knit to cheer you up all winter long?

Not into colour? You can still mix it up with blue jeans, grey pieces or a vintage print t-shirt.




Back in Black

In many ways Melbourne is like the New York City of Australia. It’s the country’s hub for culture, art, music & fashion, it’s fast paced, constantly on the forefront of new trends and we LOVE to wear black.

From the height of summer to the blistering cold (and rain) of winter, Melbournians (yes, that’s what we’re called) can find a way to wear black morning, noon and night.

I’ve already featured my fair share of all black outfits here on the blog (like here, here and here) and over the next 2 weeks I’ll be talking about 4 all black looks that I’ve put together, Sporty, Work, Casual & Going Out, how you can make all black ≠ boring and how to add a splash of colour without looking like you’ve just stepped off the streets of Harajuku.

Get in the mood by checking out my All in Black Pinterest board.

Screen Shot 2017-05-24 at 10.13.44 pm

Get the look – Autumn mix up

Autumn mix up

I actually think I like this off the shoulder khaki skater dress better than the one I currently own. I love that it falls right from the top, but also doesn’t seem shapeless.
This season I’m using leopard print more and more. It’s fun, timeless and can be used as a neutral or an accent.

Cowboy boots have definitely made a come back of late. Whether with the classic jeans, or with more feminine options, they are great for transitioning into the cooler months. Below is a pinterest board with some of my favourite cowboy boots looks (click through to see more).

Screen Shot 2017-05-03 at 3.49.25 pm

Need some tips on how to wear cowboy boots? Check out this post on The Chic Site for more.

Casual Clothes

Firstly, I’d like to clarify that this is definitely not what I wore to work today. This is actually from a few weeks ago, but I haven’t posted many casual outfits lately.
It is very rare that I put on anything but pyjamas when I get home from work, so I really haven’t worn something that isn’t corporate or for going out in ages.
It’s nice to put together a casual outfit, something slightly more than jeans and a Tshirt.

Outfit: Denim Jacket (OpShop), Bonds Hoodie (Under Denim Jacket), Tshirt (Gift from mum), Skirt (OpShop) & Booties (Kmart, $19)

Winter Uniform

It’s only May and I think I’ve already nailed my uniform for this winter. Thin jumper, cute skirt and ankle boots.
Perfect for work (above) and casual (below).

Work outfit: green jumper (Savers, $6), skirt (opshop) & pirate boots ($85).
Casual outfit: Missshop jumper (Myer, $15), Scarf (CottonOn, $5), skirt (Myer) & boots (Kmart, $12)

Black, Boots and Ballerinas…

28.09.2013As usual I have opted to show a midweek outfit on the weekend.

I wore this one out for dinner on Tuesday night.

Lets start at the bottom;

These boots were $10 from ozsale. They are great because they can be worn two ways. Up (as pictured) or you can fold them down and show off the fur lining. Here they look a bit like Docs, but they do have a heel (and the fur is very comfy against my legs)

The base is all black. Black velour skater skirt from Supre ($7.50) and just a plain black singlet (honestly, no idea where it’s from).

As it was abnormally warm in the city on Tuesday, I didn’t need a heavy jacket, so I went with this oversized shirt instead.
You can’t really see it here, but it has little grey ballerinas and little purple stars printed on it.

Which is what leads to the final piece, the beret. Firstly to keep my manic hair under control and secondly because I can’t just wear black and grey! I need a little pop of colour 🙂

End of an era…..

21.09.2013This week I received the last of my online purchases from before I quit cold turkey (I think a relapse is imminent!)

This adorable cardigan was in my very last package and I have fallen head over heels in love with it!
(and it was only $10 off ozsale)

I was particularly happy because it also gave me an excuse to wear this fabulous fur-trimmed boots (also $10 from ozsale).

The addition of this matching belt (an awesome find in a box of mum’s old stuff) breaks up the plain black top and high-waisted jeans.

I’m so coordinated that even my phone case matches! ($7 off eBay).


Confession: This is actually the outfit I wore out for dinner on Wednesday night.