I pride myself on being a relatively organised person. If I get inspired I will often plan two or three days of outfits, especially because I will usually stay one or two nights a week at my boyfriends house. Last week, however, I planned to stay one night and ending up staying two. At around 8:30 at night I realised I couldn’t rock up to work in the same outfit as the previous day, so it was a quick trip to Big W to grab a dress and cardigan, which ended up being so incredibly comfortable both items will definitely be making a lot of appearances from now on!

Outfit: Dress ($30) & Cardigan ($25) (Both Big W) & Heels (from mum)


Keeping it Comfy

When you wake up 30 mins later than usual and still feel worse than when you went to bed the last thing you want to do is put together a complicated and constrictive outfit. Comfort was my only aim today – definitely no blazers!

Outfit: T-Shirt (Target, $6), Forecast Skirt (OpShop, $6) & Wedges (Myer, $69)