Little Details


There is something about a simple outfit that I really love. Something classic that will work time and time again, with those little details that make it special, like the neck line of this top and the cut outs in these shoes.

Keeping with my festival jewellery are these adorable Christmas tree earrings, made by my mum from some old plastic necklace, they are one of my favourite pair of understated Christmas earrings.

Outfit: Earrings (DIY), Cardi (Dotti, $30), Top (Portmans, $20), Skirt (OpShop, $6) & Heels (from mum)


Dia de los Muertos


So I didn’t go as all out as I did for Halloween on Friday, but I had a little Dia de los Muertos (Spanish Day of the Dead) inspiration for my outfit on Saturday night. I loved getting my hot rollers out for the first time in months to create these awesome curls and a tutu under this velour dress gave it some extra length and volume as well as making me feel like a ballerina all night (my dance moves were not up to scratch tho!). The final touch is these incredible spine heeled booties for that little touch of scary.

Outfit: Dress (St Andrews Market, many many years ago), Tutu (DIY) & Heels (Ozsale, $40)

Hearts & Headbands

Tuesday is not a sensible night to go out. I say that from experience. When you have friends like mine there is no such thing as a few quiet drinks – we are all or nothing. Despite the pain I suffered on Wednesday, it was an enjoyable evening and a great opportunity to begin testing outfits for spring/summer. This cute apple print corset top has been neglected the last few years, but I think it will get a bit of work this year, as will this relaxed pony and hippy headband combo. I have this particular heart shaped headband in about 5 colours so prepare to see it showing up more and more often.

Outfit: Headband (DIY), Corset Top, Jeans (Target, $25) & Booties (Brunswick Shoe Warehouse, $35)

Wedding bells….

03.11.2013No, it’s not my wedding.
It’s actually my best friend Lindsay’s big day.
Unfortunately I didn’t make the cut for the bridesmaids, but I am performing a song during the ceremony.

The wedding is out doors, so I thought I should wear something bright!

I bought the dress first from MissGuided for $16. The moment I got it in my hot little hands I decided this was the dress I was going to wear to the wedding.

It was a serious mission to find shoes to match the dress. I tried almost every shoe store in the CBD, eventually I found these awesome multicoloured heels on Brands Exclusive for only $18!

After the shoe debacle, I didn’t even bother trying to find a headpiece to match, instead I headed to Clegs and bought ribbon to match my shoes and put together this cute hairclip.

The necklace was one I already owned, left over from when my mum had her jewellery making phase.

And finally, I’ll let you in on a little secret; the lace section of this dress is see-through (gasp!) so I’m just wearing a beige bra underneath.
Fingers crossed noone looks too close!

Last days of winter….

11.09.2013OK, so technically it’s spring. But after last weeks 25 degree teaser, it’s definitely feeling like winter again.

Only good thing about that is that I have one last hoorah of wearing my winter clothes.

Today its this super cute, vintage inspired wool skirt.

I really love showing off this skirt because I actually made it!
It’s made from some vintage printed wool I found amongst my mothers extensive fabric collection. The pattern was one of my grandma’s, but I adapted it slightly (aka. shortened the hem).

I put a lot of effort into making this skirt (pleats are the worst!) so I really means a lot when people comment on it.

My grey Portman’s jacket and grey Rivers shoes really compliment the grey touches in the fabric, but still let the skirt be the star!

Brunswick meets Bendigo…..

11.08.2013Sorry to only post one outfit for the whole weekend, but my Pyjama’s aren’t as stylish as you’d expect.

So this is what I have rocked for majority of my public hours this weekend – which have been in Bendigo.

I do, on occasion, feel a bit out-of-place in Bendigo when I rock a very “Brunswick” look, and this is one of them (Despite the fact that 90% of this outfit was purchased in Bendigo).

I guess it all begins with the one piece I purchased in Melbourne, the high-waisted jeans. They are just from Cotton On ($50), they are extremely comfy and definitely my go to jeans atm.
This winter I am loving oversized jumpers, especially cropped ones with high-waisted jeans.
This cream jumper is from Supre and I got it half price, so it was an absolute bargain.
Speaking of bargains, that is what these super cool leopard print high tops were. Only $10 from Big W, they were the last pair on the rack and they were the right size (I call this fate, and a great excuse to buy new shoes).

The cherry on top of this super chilled ensemble is the beanie.
This was a gift from Mum from the Bendigo Sheep & Wool show.
Some clever lady started making cute beanies from old daggy jumpers (this one has Koalas on it). I’m definitely going to steal this concept and make a few more of them 🙂

Knits for knitting….


Some days you just want to be comfortable and today is one of those days.

Boyfriend is away and it’s freezing outside.

So today I’m staying in to do some knitting, and what better way to inspire me than to wear some adorable knitted clothing.

Lets start at the bottom and work our way up.

Firstly, hand knitted pure wool socks. A gift from a family friend and the perfect way to keep my tootsies warm on a day like today.

Next the leggings. They look like your standard black leggings, but they are actually made out of windcheater materiel. It’s like a hoodie for your legs.

Finally the jumper.

It’s one of my newest purchases. From one of those super cheap stores downstairs on Swanston Street in the city. This photo doesn’t do the colours justice, but they are bright and make me feel like a small child.

So now I’m all rugged up, time to get knitting.