Shoe Change

I clearly love this School Girl-esque collared dress as you’ve seen it here, here and here. It’s truly a stand alone piece that I only ever pair with dark tights and possibly a blazer. The one thing I have noticed that has changed each time I have blogged this outfit are my shoes.

It does get hard not to repeat outfits but I must say it is a lot easier having an extensive shoe collection like mine.

How would you change up the styling with a piece like this?

Outfit: Dress (Dotti) & Heels (Big W)


A Little Bit of Length

Lately I have definitely been into shorter length skirts. “Above the knee” would be the nice description, “barely there” is possibly more accurate (when you got it, flaunt it!). But now that summer is officially over it’s time to see those hemlines drop and start covering up. As well as my extensive collection of coats, scarves and beanies, one of my most valuable warming tools is my huge mane of hair. After copping the whole lot off back in 2010, it’s now got a fair bit of length to it as well – 6 more inches til I reach my goal length, then time for a big change.

Outfit: Cardigan (Dotti, $30), Dress (Missguided, $20) & Heels (from mum)

short hair

{photo from March 2011 when I had very short hair}

Simply Peachy


Some days I wake up and have a crystal clear picture in my head of what I’m going to wear, and some days I can stare at my wardrobe for hours thinking “I have nothing!”
Over time I have learnt that in the case of the latter it’s best not to over think it and just go with something simple.
All black with a peach t-shirt – how can you go wrong? Luckily when I got home I felt a wave of inspiration and planned the next 4 days of outfits.

What’s your solution when you have fashion block?

Outfit: Cardigan (Dotti, $30), T-Shirt (Misshop, $2.50), Skirt (OpShop, $6) & Wedges (Myer, $70)

Welcome Back

Nice of you to join us summer, but we were expecting you like AGES AGO!
It was kind of wrong to watch the Australian Open and see all the players and spectators look so comfortable, but here it is, the real Melbourne summer, when the BOM predicts a high of 29 degrees and we hit 34. I’m starting to get very comfortable with this whole “no tights” thing. Keep up the good work 🙂

Outfit: Dress (Dotti, $50) & Wedges (Myer, $69)

Little Details


There is something about a simple outfit that I really love. Something classic that will work time and time again, with those little details that make it special, like the neck line of this top and the cut outs in these shoes.

Keeping with my festival jewellery are these adorable Christmas tree earrings, made by my mum from some old plastic necklace, they are one of my favourite pair of understated Christmas earrings.

Outfit: Earrings (DIY), Cardi (Dotti, $30), Top (Portmans, $20), Skirt (OpShop, $6) & Heels (from mum)

Busy Christmas


Sorry for the silence. Turns out life gets busy as you approach Christmas and the end of the year (who would have thought?). I have been getting progressively more festive as we approach the 25th, as well as my Christmas jewellery (watch out, there are batteries getting involved now…) I have started wearing touches of red in almost every work outfit.


I’m about 3 or 4 pair of earrings short of having a pair for every day of December, but I make up for it with these adorable hair clips. Not exactly subtle, but with my enormous hair they often go unnoticed, which is good because I’d like to wait until the week of Christmas before I publicly embarrass myself.

Outfit: Christmas Hairclip (from mum), Cardi (Dotti, $30), Top (Ozsale, $8), Pants (Ozsale, $20) & Heels (from mum)


The Age of Technology

I’m sure we’d all like to think we’re not dependent on technology, that if the internet suddenly crashed we would survive, but it’s not until it’s gone that you realise how much we use it. Last week I lost my phone, and although I got a replacement within a day I was surprised how difficult those 12 hours were. I was lucky enough to get my phone back 8 days later, however I forgot to send myself the last few blog photos before I did, so apologies for the delay. But I’m back now and will be holding onto my phone with a Vulcan claw grip.

Outfit: Cardi (Dotti, $30), Shirt, Skirt (Review, $50) & Heels (from mum)