Happy Hour with Helen – Public House


I just started a new job and on my first day I was lucky to finish up at around 2pm. What was I to do with an afternoon off? Of course I called up my dear friend, and regular drinking buddy, Helen.

Helen conveniently lives in Richmond, a suburb thats on my train trip home and is home to a bevy of amazing bars. On this particular day we decided to try out Public House on Church Street.

Although the staff were clearly mid pow wow when we walked in, they showed no annoyance or judgement when we ordered our first drink before 3pm on a Tuesday.

We sat in the semi enclosed outdoor area which was a nice middle ground of being outside, but not freezing our little butts of in the harsh Melbourne winter weather.

Apparently it can be quite hopping on a Friday or Saturday night, but for a casual mid-week afternoon drink it hard a very cool and chilled vibe, exactly what we were after.


4 stars – They were nice and pretty average Melbourne prices.

We didn’t eat any, but their menu looks delish!

I’ll save judgement on this one until I go there on a Friday or Saturday night, but the company was top notch.

All round:
3½ stars – reasonable drinks and friendly staff, but the decor could do with a bit of an update.



Happy Hour with Helen – Ladies Night


My gorgeous friend Helen and I met in a bar a few years ago. And despite saying Bub-Bye to the men who brought us together long ago, we still enjoy a drink together as often as we can.

We enjoy a bargain drink just as much as a bargain shop, so we are always looking for the best (aka. cheapest) happy hour. In this series I’ll be showcasing some of our favourite places to drink in Melbourne, new places we try out and special events and parties. Pretty much anywhere you can get an espresso martini.

On Saturday I dragged invited Helen to the Swinburne Uni Football Club’s Ladies night, along with my wonderful friend Steph.


It was a very quick “Yes” from Helen when I told her that you get a free espresso martini with your $15 entry (can you guess what our favourite drink is yet?) and $5 drinks for the rest of the night.

We (ie. I) did our fair share of drinking (we were supporting the footy club – nothing like drinking for a cause), but the real highlight was the entertainment. The boys of the footy club put on several amazing performances all for the ladies viewing pleasure – and, at points, their horror. I wish I could show you what went on (there are some photos/videos floating around the interwebs) but you truly had to be there.

So how would I rate it? (I’m working on a 5 star system here)

Price – 5 stars
Quality – 2 stars (especially when I somehow found myself behind the bar serving everyone else’s drinks!)

None to speak of (I ate beforehand)

Definitely 5 stars! Everyone was just having a great time and the entertainment couldn’t be beat

All round:
Despite the drinks not being the best (espresso martinis in plastic just aren’t the same) I’d still rate the night a solid 4½ stars. 100% will go again next year.


Where in Melbourne do you like to drink? Have you found a great local, a hidden gem or a super cheap happy hour? Let me know in the comments below!



Yes, it’s true. Today is my birthday and I’m another year older (funny, I could swear I was still 18…). What better way to celebrate then some drinks and dancing with some great people? – which is exactly what I did on Friday night. Going out straight from work means some careful outfit planning. Everything in this look, apart from the pants, I wore to work (see yesterday’s post for proof). These leather look jeans are so stretchy they easily fitted into my handbag ready for a quick change in the bathroom to take me straight from work to the bar.

Outfit: Peplum Top (Factorie, $2.50), Leather Look Jeans (Ozsale, $20), Tony Bianco Heels (Savers, $20) & Bag (Thailand, $20)

{lucky these jeans are super stretchy because this is what they look like off}

Warm Friday Night


When it gets around to Friday my biggest goal is to make the time between finishing work and having my first drink as little as possible. Last Friday I managed to combine the two, working an extra few hours that happened to involve a glass of wine and a cider. The weather was so incredibly warm that I then headed straight to my friends to continue the evening.


As it was still 30 degrees at 8pm I decided to ditch the tights and blazer while we enjoyed beers on the rooftop (til 2:30am!) and then headed out dancing.

Outfit: Blazer (Portmans, $50), Dress (Factorie, $5) & Heels (from Mum)