Yes, it’s true. Today is my birthday and I’m another year older (funny, I could swear I was still 18…). What better way to celebrate then some drinks and dancing with some great people? – which is exactly what I did on Friday night. Going out straight from work means some careful outfit planning. Everything in this look, apart from the pants, I wore to work (see yesterday’s post for proof). These leather look jeans are so stretchy they easily fitted into my handbag ready for a quick change in the bathroom to take me straight from work to the bar.

Outfit: Peplum Top (Factorie, $2.50), Leather Look Jeans (Ozsale, $20), Tony Bianco Heels (Savers, $20) & Bag (Thailand, $20)

{lucky these jeans are super stretchy because this is what they look like off}


Stiletto Style

With my style inspiration back, what better way to start then with a pair of Tony Bianco Stilettos. They may be a little high to wear to work on a regular basis, but it was a good way to celebrate having my style back – and a strategic move for the evenings outfit – check in tomorrow to see how I took this from office to out in one simple change.

Outfit: Cue Blazer (hand-me-down), Peplum Top (Factorie, $2.50), Skirt (Kmart, $10) & Tony Bianco Heels (Savers, $20)

School Girl Tough

IMG_3021There’s just something about the oversized houndstooth print on this dress that makes me feel like a super tough school girl. Maybe it’s the commando colouring or the skater girl cut, but I feel that if I had this when I was about 13 years old I would have been the biggest rebel in class. It’s interesting how a simple article of clothing can make you feel like you are a kid again. But with the addition of a blazer, belt and heels, it’s bye bye high school, hello office!

Outfit: Blazer (Portmans, $50), Dress (Factorie, $5), Belt (Review) & Heels (Big W, $25)

Warm Friday Night


When it gets around to Friday my biggest goal is to make the time between finishing work and having my first drink as little as possible. Last Friday I managed to combine the two, working an extra few hours that happened to involve a glass of wine and a cider. The weather was so incredibly warm that I then headed straight to my friends to continue the evening.


As it was still 30 degrees at 8pm I decided to ditch the tights and blazer while we enjoyed beers on the rooftop (til 2:30am!) and then headed out dancing.

Outfit: Blazer (Portmans, $50), Dress (Factorie, $5) & Heels (from Mum)

Design Fault

I got ready very quickly this morning and was proud of my super coordinated black and grey ensemble. Upon reflection, the grey tones of this feather print skirt are different from the tone of this grey peplum top. As part of the design team at my work I really should know better!

Outfit: Blazer (Portmans, $50), Top (Factorie, $2.50), Skirt (Kmart, $5) & Pirate Booties ($85)

Black & White, for Day & Night

Today I’m rocking another black and white work outfit.
Black and white is simple. It’s safe. And it’s really hard to look bad in.
There’s also a little forward planning in this outfit as it will easily transition from work to a night out.

Outfit: Cue jacket (hand-me-down), dress (Factorie, $5), Diva Collar Necklace (Ozsale, $6) & Anne Michelle heels (gift from mum)

A day late….

08.10.2013Apologies for not posting yesterday.

Sometimes I actually have to do some work! Or more likely, daylight savings is making me incredibly tired and I forgot!

I did, however, remember to take  picture (which I forgot to do today, so it’s all worked out).

This dress dress cost me a whole $5!! (from Factorie)
I was so pleased with myself.

It’s actually very cleverly made. It’s entirely white jersey with a black lace layer on top, making it surprisingly warm and avoiding VPLs.

Even though it is starting to warm up, I stuck with my thicker black tights as this dress is a fraction (or two) too short for work.

My Portman’s jacket and a high bun keep it sleek and corporate.