Fashion Dreams – Senreve Bag

Imagine a bag that’s stylish AND practical, big enough for everything (including your laptop) BUT doesn’t look like a duffel bag, can be over-the-shoulder, on your arm, cross body AND a backpack?
Sounds like the unicorn of handbags.
Well Senvere have made it and I want it, NOW!

I first saw Senreve’s Maestra Bag on Cupcakes & Cashmere and then shortly after it popped up on Gal Meets Glam and I’ve been stalking it ever since!


Ain’t it just sooo perdy?

While writing this post I spent a good 10 minutes justifying to my (male) housemate why this is such an amazing bag. At first he didn’t get why you wouldn’t just use a laptop bag and why you would want the backpack option. But after pointing out that this is designed for business women who care about the way they look and presumably are making a fair bit more money than we do (not that that’s hard) and would use it not just for day to day work, but also for travel – making the cross body and backpack options super useful! – even he came round to the idea.

Screen Shot 2017-05-18 at 7.25.19 pm

At $895 USD (around $1,200 AUD) I won’t be able to afford it any time soon (but will gladly accept as a gift if anyone is offering). So below I have compiled some much more affordable, yet not as versatile, options below.


Handbag & Backpack Options


Fashion dreams – Gingham Jumpsuit

I often spend hours, days or weeks lusting over an item that I will never be able to justify purchasing. But it’s fun to dream…

Gingham Jumpsuit – Anthropologie

I fell in love with this jumpsuit when I saw it on Love Taza.  I love that it works for summer as a stand alone piece, but can be easily transitioned through seasons by adding a T-shirt or turtleneck. Unfortunately, at £128 (approx. $220 AUD) it’s a bit out of my budget (plus they don’t ship to Australia), so I’ve found some similar, more affordable options below.

Gingham Jumpsuit
We are just heading into winter here in Melbourne, so I won’t be grabbing a gingham jumpsuit just yet, but it will definitely be on my shopping list come spring time.
Keen to get your Gingham on now? Check out my Pinterest page for winter gingham inspiration!
Gingham Goodies