Green Blazer


If there is one thing I miss about my old job (apart from all the rad people I used to work with) it’s the dress code. As much as I love a little bit more freedom in choosing what I wear, there was something really satisfying about getting up everyday and putting on a blazer and a pair of heels. It also made my slightly quirky sense of style stand out a bit more.

We all know I’m a fan of basic blacks, but its great to mix it up with some cheap and cheerful pieces like this green blazer. I love the matchy-matchy feel with this blouse and classic black pants, but I have been known to rock it with a red skirt and festive tee come Christmas time.



St Patrick’s Day – Part 2

So it turns out my evening St Paddy’s outfit wasn’t as out there as originally planned. Due to a killer of cold going around at the moment, we decided to stay at home and order in – did you know you can get hot dogs delivered? Life changing!

But just because I didn’t go out, doesn’t mean I was going to miss the opportunity to squeeze in another festive outfit. When I’m trying to plan an outfit I often visualise my wardrobe (it helps that I feel the need to have everything sorted into type and colour), but I always seem to forget about these printed green jeans. As well as being perfect for a little Irish spirit, they are thicker than your average pair of jeans and have a slightly plush feel. I have a feeling I won’t be forgetting about them come winter!

Outfit: Leather Jacket (My parent bought for me in Europe), Top (Supre, $5), Jeans (Myer) & Boots (Kmart, $12)

St Patrick’s Day

Happy St Patrick’s Day!

I never miss an opportunity to be festive and dress in a theme and today it’s all about green. It actually took me a while to settle on this work appropriate St Paddy’s outfit because it turns out I own a lot of green! When considering what work appropriate items I had I found a green blazer, cardigan, jumper, top, skirt and belt. In the end I decided I don’t have enough excuses to wear this awesome vintage green belt and decided to base my outfit around that.

I plan to wear something a little more out there when I go out for a drink (or two) tonight – green beer anyone?

Outfit: Country Road Cardigan, Top (Jacqui E), Belt (Vintage), Forecast Skirt (Opshop, $6) & Heels (BooHoo, $35)

Clean & Green

After a weekend at a music festival it’s fair to say I was a little dirty. Nothing feels better than having a long hot shower after three days of dancing in the dirt. I think I cleaned up pretty good. Simple and sleek on the bottom and a pop of colour on the top, it’s a fair cry from the cut-offs and crop tops I rocked on the weekend.

Outfit: Blazer (7Angels), Basque Top (Myer), Skirt (OpShop) & Heels (Big W)

Spot of Green

Never in my life have I thought ‘what I need is a lime green skirt’. And yet I seem to have come to point where I own one anyway…
Mum bought me this skirt for Christmas which just happens to match perfectly with this Jacqui-E top (also a Christmas present from mum). Finishing off this look are the super fine spotted stockings, which were a last minute decision when I realised all my other stockings were dirty.

I just love when outfits come together perfectly.

Outfit: Cue Blazer (hand-me-down), Top (Jacqui-E), Skirt (from mum), Stockings (Vintage) & Heels (from mum)