Day at the Races

IMG_3108On Valentines Day I attended the Yarra Valley Races. I’ve never really understood the betting side. I like picking a horse to barrack for, usually one with a clever name or pretty colours, but if my money is getting involved my maths/statistics/logic brain kicks in and I can only bring myself to put money on the favourite. Boring! So I skipped the betting and focused on the one thing I never find boring – fashion!

I’m particularly excited to have worn this outfit and write about it here because it has been a long time coming. This Dangerfield dress has been sitting in my wardrobe for about 3 years, waiting for the right occasion and the perfect weather – and Saturday was it. Finished off with some appropriately festive accessories, it was a lovely way to celebrate Valentines.

Outfit: Dangerfield Dress (Myer) & Heels (from mum)


Horsing Around

When I put on this adorable horse print top I immediately knew I had to pair it with these black and cream T-bar heels.
Unfortunately I haven’t worn them very often and did far more walking than planned which ended up with me limping by the end of the day (or maybe it was a gallop) . I guess it’s true; beauty is pain!

Outfit: Top (Thai Market, $3), Forecast Skirt (OpShop, $6) & heels (OpShop, $4)