St Patrick’s Day – Part 2

So it turns out my evening St Paddy’s outfit wasn’t as out there as originally planned. Due to a killer of cold going around at the moment, we decided to stay at home and order in – did you know you can get hot dogs delivered? Life changing!

But just because I didn’t go out, doesn’t mean I was going to miss the opportunity to squeeze in another festive outfit. When I’m trying to plan an outfit I often visualise my wardrobe (it helps that I feel the need to have everything sorted into type and colour), but I always seem to forget about these printed green jeans. As well as being perfect for a little Irish spirit, they are thicker than your average pair of jeans and have a slightly plush feel. I have a feeling I won’t be forgetting about them come winter!

Outfit: Leather Jacket (My parent bought for me in Europe), Top (Supre, $5), Jeans (Myer) & Boots (Kmart, $12)


Stiletto Style

With my style inspiration back, what better way to start then with a pair of Tony Bianco Stilettos. They may be a little high to wear to work on a regular basis, but it was a good way to celebrate having my style back – and a strategic move for the evenings outfit – check in tomorrow to see how I took this from office to out in one simple change.

Outfit: Cue Blazer (hand-me-down), Peplum Top (Factorie, $2.50), Skirt (Kmart, $10) & Tony Bianco Heels (Savers, $20)

Rare Occurrence

IMG_3130There are lots of things everyone does frequently – eat, shower, brush your teeth – but there’s one normally frequent thing I have cut down to a rare occurrence. Washing my hair. My hair has always been too thick to wash daily, but over the last few years I’ve cut it back to only once a month and this is what it looks like the day after washing. I always like to get in one day of waves or, if I’m lucky, full curls before taking a brush to it because when I do it expands to about three times as wide.

Outfit: Basque Top (Myer, $20), Pants (Kmart, $15) & Heels (from mum)

New Digs


For the first (and probably last) time ever – a clean room! No coats behind the door & no clothes on the floor! No, I have not had an aneurism, I just moved house. Right now everything is shoved anywhere it can fit and my clothes are all in suitcases/boxes/bags (mainly because I haven’t brought my draws in yet!) so it was relatively easy to clear everything out of vision to get a clear picture. It may take a few days of arranging and testing different angles before I get my permanent pic position, but in general I’m very excited to be moving into my new place with only 3 housemates (7 less than my old place) and *drum roll* my own ensuite!

Outfit: Cue Blazer (Hand-me-down), Top ($15), Skirt (Kmart, $5) & Heels (from mum)

My Favourite Season


Yes! It’s finally here! The season I spend all year talking about, waiting for and planning and here it is! No it’s not summer, it’s festival season.

This year I kicked off the season with Queenscliff Music Festival from Friday 28 Nov to Sunday 30 Nov. Starting on the Friday did mean that I had to go straight from work, but I managed to put together this outfit that just needed a change from trousers to Jeans (plus a few accessories) to go from office to festival grounds.


So now it’s one festival down, 4 to go!

Outfit 1: Blazer (Portmans, $50), Top (Savers, $3), Trousers (Kmart, $15) & Booties (Kmart, $19)

Outfit 2: Diva Headband (Ozsale, $3), CottonOn Sunnies (Ozsale, $3), Cardi (Vintage) & Jeans (CottonOn, $50)

Busy Busy

Some days I am so busy I barely have time to sit down, let alone write a blog. This week I think I have spent a total of about 30 mins actually sitting at my desk. From past experiences I have learnt that when I’m this busy skirts and dresses are a bad idea, but these super stretchy pants are perfect for running around the office and the city with no risk of showing the whole world my underwear.

Outfit: Blazer (Portmans, $50), Top (Kmart, gift from a friend), pants (OpShop, $1) & Heels (from mum)

Ad Inspiration


In the last few weeks I have felt a little uninspired when it comes to clothing, mainly because Melbourne is caught in this odd weather where it’s 8 degrees when you leave the house, 35 degrees at lunchtime and raining by the time you head home. Earlier this week, however, I got a little inspiration from a new Myer Ad.

myer ad

So there is a good chance the outfit she is wearing cost well over $500, but I managed to recreate the look with much cheaper items I already had in my wardrobe.
Take that advertising! – there will be no tempting me this week…..well….maybe a little…

Outfit: Top (Kmart, $15), Pants (Ozsale, $8) & Heels (Ozsale, $12)