Back in Black – Going Out


Can you believe we’ve been talking all black for 2 weeks now? I swear I could make another 76459086 outfits without a spot of colour. But alas, all good things must come to an end and, just like the end of a long work week, it’s time to go out!

I love, love, love getting dressed up and letting my hair down. In my opinion there is no better way to get over all kinds of stress than putting on an outfit that makes you feel fabulous and heading out on the town.

If there’s one thing I want to draw attention to more than anything through this whole Back in Black series is that texture is EVERYTHING! I love the contrast of suede, lace and leather in this look. It’s girly, but tough. Check out more inspiration here:

Screen Shot 2017-06-06 at 5.07.03 pm

I have to talk about these boots. Over-the-Knee (OTK) boots are having a major moment right now. I bought this pair over a year ago wanting to jump onboard with the trend relatively early, but they had a major fault in them (nails coming through the sole – not good!). I did get a refund on them, but had them sitting in my room for 12 months before I finally took them to be repaired. Now they are my No.1 go to shoe for going out this winter.

As for adding colour to this look; firstly I don’t think it needs any colour, but if you feel the need it can be done just as easily as any of my other all black looks. A bright dress will be toned down by the black jacket and boots, but if you wanna go a little further try some different coloured OTK boots or jackets.

OTK Boots and Leather Jackets

So here we are. It’s all done. I will never wear black again.

JUST KIDDING! I will be constantly referring back to this series as black is the basis for my entire wardrobe.

I hope you’ve enjoyed my thoughts in dressing all black for different parts of life. It’s back to business as usual next week. But please send me your thoughts, questions or suggestions here.




St Patrick’s Day – Part 2

So it turns out my evening St Paddy’s outfit wasn’t as out there as originally planned. Due to a killer of cold going around at the moment, we decided to stay at home and order in – did you know you can get hot dogs delivered? Life changing!

But just because I didn’t go out, doesn’t mean I was going to miss the opportunity to squeeze in another festive outfit. When I’m trying to plan an outfit I often visualise my wardrobe (it helps that I feel the need to have everything sorted into type and colour), but I always seem to forget about these printed green jeans. As well as being perfect for a little Irish spirit, they are thicker than your average pair of jeans and have a slightly plush feel. I have a feeling I won’t be forgetting about them come winter!

Outfit: Leather Jacket (My parent bought for me in Europe), Top (Supre, $5), Jeans (Myer) & Boots (Kmart, $12)

Touches of Tan


I have worn out about 7 pair of black work heels in the last 2 years. I wear them to death – literally. So lately I have endeavoured to wear different shoes as often as I can. These vintage Italian leather booties are like butter on my feet, they are the perfect cut and a great colour to change up from my usual black. Even better, they match with this great top. Definitely going to give them a bit more of a run this year – especially come winter!

Outfit: Cardigan (Misshop), Top (Events, $20), Skirt (Opshop) & Booties (Vintage, $40)

Goodbye old friend

Despite owning over 100 pair of shoes, there’s always a few that are favoured above all others. Over the last 18 months of working in an office I have favoured my pair of black Sandler heels above all others.
As you can see, they are a little worst for wear. They are only made more comfortable by how worn in they are. This made me wear them even more often.

This vicious cycle has required me to replace the heels once already. But I think it would take a little more than that it save them this time.

The final straw was when I noticed that the nails in the heels were entirely exposed.

So into the bin they go. *sheds a tear*.
But from the departure of the old comes something new.

These Jenkin heels are very similar to my old ones. They are made of super comfy leather and only cost me $12 from Ozsale, let’s hope they can last me the next 18 months!