The Good, The Bad & The Ugly – Part 2

Day two of the clothing clear out was extremely productive. We sorted through five extra large bags filled with clothes and arranged them into sizes ready for selling – there also may have been a few things that snuck back into my bag to come home with me. I’m really enjoying hearing about how mum came to own all of these interesting pieces – especially the ones where I go “eww, thats awful” and mum goes “that was my good going out clothes”.

Here are a few of day two’s best finds:

{full black satin formal outfit in perfect condition}

{The fluffiest jumper – great for giving hugs}

{floral cotton blazer, such a shame it’s too big for me}

{Scarf with a zip, for those too important to knot}

{here’s a book to assist those who can’t afford the zip}

{Loving these fur trimmed gloves}

{free sunnies and bumbag from TV Week circa 1990}

{I kind of like this 80’s jumper, except for the fact I look like I have a huntsman on my chest}

{denim vest with galaxy AND rose print, so bad it’s good – KEEPING!}


The Good, The Bad & The Ugly – Part 1

It’s been a bit quiet  here on EK’s Daily Dress lately. But good things come to those who wait!

As mentioned here, I’m at home for the Easter long weekend to go through a huge amount of old clothes in preparation for selling them – both at markets and online.

Despite arriving after 10pm last night, mum and I got straight into it, going through some of the nicer and more unusual vintage pieces that have come from a huge variety of places including garage sales, opshops, friends, grandparents and mum’s pre-children wardrobe – 80’s much?

Check out some of my favourite finds so far:

{amazing 80’s jumper – trying to encourage my brother to keep}

{shirt dress & jumper dresses – mum’s favourites from 1987}

{vintage high waisted pants that were a perfect fit on me – KEEPING!}


{mum modelling an unusual use of animal print, awful or awesome? What do you think?}


  {loving this two toned vintage bag – KEEPING!}

{vintage socks, mint condition, 39 cents, any takers?}


{wide brim hats are so hot right now!}


{These vintage Dunlop Volleys could be mistaken for brand new – they haven’t changed the design in over 30 years!}

Mum Appreciation Post

It’s no secret that my mum plays a big part in my style. She seems to pop out quite often in this blog, whether it be some rule or tip she taught me as a child or an article of clothing she has given me. I’m extremely lucky that my mum has excellent taste (most of the time) and is a borderline shop-a-holic, meaning I am constantly being gifted great clothes, including this woollen skirt and these awesome tan shoe boots. I sometimes feel she is just as happy living out her fashion dreams through me as she is when she buys something for herself (she is aware her mini skirt and 5-inch heels days are done).

I am looking forward to spending the Easter long weekend with her going through a mountain of old clothes in preparation for selling them at markets and online. Keep an eye out next weekend as I will be documenting some of our a best, worst and most unusual finds.

Outfit: Top (CottonOn, $5), MIsshop Skirt (Myer, from mum) & Shoe Boots (from Mum)

Little Details


There is something about a simple outfit that I really love. Something classic that will work time and time again, with those little details that make it special, like the neck line of this top and the cut outs in these shoes.

Keeping with my festival jewellery are these adorable Christmas tree earrings, made by my mum from some old plastic necklace, they are one of my favourite pair of understated Christmas earrings.

Outfit: Earrings (DIY), Cardi (Dotti, $30), Top (Portmans, $20), Skirt (OpShop, $6) & Heels (from mum)

Monday for Mum…

26.08.2013As it may have become apparent from all her mentions in this blog, one of my great fashion influences is my mum.

She grew up on a farm and was alway embarrassed about her clothes (she would even wear her school uniform to out of uniform day because she thought it was less embarrassing than her casual clothes). As a teenager she discovered her mother would buy her fabric and she started making her own.

When she moved out and got a job she finally got to buy clothes and hasn’t stopped since.
I even have the first fashion dress she bought after moving out.

This outfit is an homage to her.

It puts together several of her rules/tips for fashion that I will never forget.

 Firstly – black. I know, that’s not really a new tip. I’m not saying she’s some kind of maverick, but it is something I got from her.
Some people wear white, some people wear brown, but we will always predominantly wear black. And why not?

It’s practical, it’s versatile, it’s slimming and it will never go out of fashion.

The second rule/tip is 3 points of colour. Ok, so I cheated and I only have 2 (shoes and top), but they are significant pieces of this outfit, so you can get away with it.
Although there are times when one stand out piece (maybe statement heels or a bold necklace) is the way to go, but as a general rule try to get 3 points.

Mum’s trusted combo is shoes, bracelet (or watch) and earrings. She often will wear solid black with red shoes, a red watch and red earrings and it looks  stunning.

So Mum, here’s to you….