Get the Look – Working Suits Me

I talked about how wonderfully versatile a black blazer and pencil skirt are in my Back in Black – Work post. The same can be said for a flattering, classic pant suit. Whether you prefer wide leg like here, or a slimmer style like here, they are a staple in the office wardrobe.

I would love to invest in a custom tailored suit (shame they aren’t as affordable as jeans), but I’ve found plenty of affordable options by keeping my eye out for a bargain. I’ve found awesome suits at places like Portmans, Review (check the outlet stores for big discounts) and Myer. The Tokito range at Myer has heaps of options at great prices and the Jacket and Pants shown above are currently ON SALE, making the suit under $80!

Pair the suit with a crisp shirt to feel like a boss in the office or you use them as individual pieces to mix and match within your wardrobe and create a range of looks. My only fully matching pant suit only made it’s first appearance recently (here), but I’ve done this heaps with the skirt suits in the past, like in the examples below. (whoa! my photo game has seriously improved.)

Three outfits for the price of one? Sounds good to me!

I always think going black is a practical choice (is it obvious yet that I wear ALOT of black?), but there are heaps of options out there in different cuts, colours and patterns. Find something you know you will wear for years to come, that makes you feel fabulous and works with your wardrobe.

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Screen Shot 2017-06-19 at 7.45.23 pm


Working Suits Me


I recently went a month without working. That may sound like a dream to many people, but to be honest, it was boring as hell! When I got the call to start work in a very corporate environment I was stoked!

It said in the description of the role to wear “corporate attire (preferably matching suit)”, so I was super excited to rock this charcoal pant suit. I purchased this Tokito City suit a long time ago on sale at Myer. I’ve worn the jacket a few times, but the pants sat in my sewing pile with the hem pinned up for WAY too long. When I recently used some of my spare time to finish all my half done sewing projects I pulled them out and tried them on. Turns out all I needed was a higher heel to save me from the painful task of hand sewing a hem.

I felt super boss walking in on my first day, despite being literally the bottom of the corporate food chain. I find young women, in particular, tend to steer clear of a full matching suit these days. I’m one of them most of the time. Being able to mix and match pieces allows for a greater number of outfit options and more opportunity to make your outfit uniquely you. But there is something incredibly satisfying about the classic chic-ness. Add a killer pair of pointed pumps and a complimentary black shirt and it’s time to own the office.


The Team of the Mighty West!

Last week was my dad’s 59th Birthday. I’m sure he wouldn’t mind me telling you all his age as he is the only person I have ever known who can’t wait til they turn 60 – he’s already researching what benefits/discounts you can get with a seniors card. As his birthday present my brother and I took him to the Melbourne Cricket Club (of which I am a member) to watch Richmond (who dad supports) verse the Western Bulldogs (who I support).

It was a really fun afternoon, starting with a beautiful walk through Fitzroy Gardens and a quick stop at Captain Cook’s Cottage before heading to the MCG. It was a pretty close game, which made it great to watch and even better because the Doggies came out on top! Luckily dad isn’t too passionate about footy so there was no tension when we went out for dinner and I continued to proudly wear my Bulldogs scarf.

Outfit: CottonOn Sunnies (Ozsale, $3), Top (Supre, $5), Western Bulldogs Scarf, Jeans (Forever21, $13) & Candy Boots (Myer Kids Department).

 {Dad in the backyard of Cook’s Cottage}


{Dad and I watching the footy – he regrets forgetting his scarf}


{Auskick kids games, half time at the ‘G – they are so cute!}

Miss you already!

Regardless of how much I like to pretend I’m a sophisticated lady, I’m still 13 at heart. I tend to get over excited in the moment and forget important stuff. This has resulted in me losing at least 3 of my favourite coats – devastating!

I’m really glad I took this picture a few weeks ago featuring one of my favourite coats of all time. I’ve worn this classic black coat more than almost anything else I own for the last 3 years since picking it up at a Vintage sale. In an attempted to be sensible, I wore it out on a Friday night (it’s getting very chilly in Melbourne) and it didn’t come home with me. *sheds a tear*

I’m considering making Lost-Pet-style posters in the hopes it will turn up – sadly I think it’s gone forever!

Outfit: Coat (Vintage, $10), Dress (Myer), CottonOn Bag (Ozsale, $13) & Heels (from mum)

Mum Appreciation Post

It’s no secret that my mum plays a big part in my style. She seems to pop out quite often in this blog, whether it be some rule or tip she taught me as a child or an article of clothing she has given me. I’m extremely lucky that my mum has excellent taste (most of the time) and is a borderline shop-a-holic, meaning I am constantly being gifted great clothes, including this woollen skirt and these awesome tan shoe boots. I sometimes feel she is just as happy living out her fashion dreams through me as she is when she buys something for herself (she is aware her mini skirt and 5-inch heels days are done).

I am looking forward to spending the Easter long weekend with her going through a mountain of old clothes in preparation for selling them at markets and online. Keep an eye out next weekend as I will be documenting some of our a best, worst and most unusual finds.

Outfit: Top (CottonOn, $5), MIsshop Skirt (Myer, from mum) & Shoe Boots (from Mum)

St Patrick’s Day – Part 2

So it turns out my evening St Paddy’s outfit wasn’t as out there as originally planned. Due to a killer of cold going around at the moment, we decided to stay at home and order in – did you know you can get hot dogs delivered? Life changing!

But just because I didn’t go out, doesn’t mean I was going to miss the opportunity to squeeze in another festive outfit. When I’m trying to plan an outfit I often visualise my wardrobe (it helps that I feel the need to have everything sorted into type and colour), but I always seem to forget about these printed green jeans. As well as being perfect for a little Irish spirit, they are thicker than your average pair of jeans and have a slightly plush feel. I have a feeling I won’t be forgetting about them come winter!

Outfit: Leather Jacket (My parent bought for me in Europe), Top (Supre, $5), Jeans (Myer) & Boots (Kmart, $12)

Monday Mornings…..

Monday mornings are definitely not my friends. When my alarm goes off I’m always hoping that when I open my eyes it will somehow be Sunday again – this method never seems to work. So when I finally pulled my self out of bed (after the 3rd snooze) I thought it was best to roll with the success of last weeks Monochrome outfit.

My parents visited on the weekend and showered me with belated birthday presents (score!) which included a fantastic new Review suit, whose jacket came in handy this morning. By the time I was choosing shoes I had perked up a little and thought I would switch things up a bit with these fun Zebra print kitten heels – not bad for Monday morning!

Outfit: Review Jacket (Myer, $99), Top (Vintage, $5), Pants (Thailand, $10) & Therapy Heels (from mum)