The Team of the Mighty West!

Last week was my dad’s 59th Birthday. I’m sure he wouldn’t mind me telling you all his age as he is the only person I have ever known who can’t wait til they turn 60 – he’s already researching what benefits/discounts you can get with a seniors card. As his birthday present my brother and I took him to the Melbourne Cricket Club (of which I am a member) to watch Richmond (who dad supports) verse the Western Bulldogs (who I support).

It was a really fun afternoon, starting with a beautiful walk through Fitzroy Gardens and a quick stop at Captain Cook’s Cottage before heading to the MCG. It was a pretty close game, which made it great to watch and even better because the Doggies came out on top! Luckily dad isn’t too passionate about footy so there was no tension when we went out for dinner and I continued to proudly wear my Bulldogs scarf.

Outfit: CottonOn Sunnies (Ozsale, $3), Top (Supre, $5), Western Bulldogs Scarf, Jeans (Forever21, $13) & Candy Boots (Myer Kids Department).

 {Dad in the backyard of Cook’s Cottage}


{Dad and I watching the footy – he regrets forgetting his scarf}


{Auskick kids games, half time at the ‘G – they are so cute!}


Miss you already!

Regardless of how much I like to pretend I’m a sophisticated lady, I’m still 13 at heart. I tend to get over excited in the moment and forget important stuff. This has resulted in me losing at least 3 of my favourite coats – devastating!

I’m really glad I took this picture a few weeks ago featuring one of my favourite coats of all time. I’ve worn this classic black coat more than almost anything else I own for the last 3 years since picking it up at a Vintage sale. In an attempted to be sensible, I wore it out on a Friday night (it’s getting very chilly in Melbourne) and it didn’t come home with me. *sheds a tear*

I’m considering making Lost-Pet-style posters in the hopes it will turn up – sadly I think it’s gone forever!

Outfit: Coat (Vintage, $10), Dress (Myer), CottonOn Bag (Ozsale, $13) & Heels (from mum)

Golden Plains

Firstly, apologies for the terrible mirror shot, but this is the only picture I have of me in any of my outfits from Golden Plains Music Festival (GP) that was held over the long weekend.

This year was my 4th GP and it is definitely one of my favourite festivals. The crowd is very relaxed, everyone is having a great time and with 4000 less people than it’s sister festival, Meredith Music Festival, it’s much less crowded. In the frenzy of Birthday celebrations last week I didn’t get the time to follow my usual festival prep (read about it here) which unfortunately meant my digital camera was out of batteries, but I did take two disposable cameras with me which I hope to get developed and post soon.

Festival summary:

Highlights: Conor Oberst, Courtney Barnett & dancing on a hill away from the crowds at 4:30am

Most WTF moments: The Village People & glitter in places glitter should never be (thankfully not on me)

Downside: Everyone at work is refreshed from the long weekend and I’m still in recovery mode.

Outfit: CottonOn Hat (Ozsale, $3.50), T-Shirt (MBK Thailand, free!), Shorts (Thailand, $4), Frilly Socks (Ozsale, $3) & Shoes (Vintage, from mum)


Yes, it’s true. Today is my birthday and I’m another year older (funny, I could swear I was still 18…). What better way to celebrate then some drinks and dancing with some great people? – which is exactly what I did on Friday night. Going out straight from work means some careful outfit planning. Everything in this look, apart from the pants, I wore to work (see yesterday’s post for proof). These leather look jeans are so stretchy they easily fitted into my handbag ready for a quick change in the bathroom to take me straight from work to the bar.

Outfit: Peplum Top (Factorie, $2.50), Leather Look Jeans (Ozsale, $20), Tony Bianco Heels (Savers, $20) & Bag (Thailand, $20)

{lucky these jeans are super stretchy because this is what they look like off}

White Night


On Saturday Melbourne celebrated it’s 3rd annual White Night – a twelve hour spectacle of local and international art in the Melbourne CBD. We were incredibly lucky to have gorgeous weather eliminating the need to even take a jacket out – it was so hot in fact that I ended up going out in a singlet instead of this 3/4 sleeved top. I also had a really fun time playing up the school girl vibes of this outfit.

Outfit: Bow Headband (20c, Thailand), Top (Supre, $8), Skirt (Misshop) & Heels (Ozsale, $10)


{Melbourne’s iconic Flinders Street Station turned into projection art for White Night}

Harlequin Heat

IMG_3099Oh Melbourne, you fickle beast! I planned this outfit based on the weather report I read Tuesday night (from the Bureau of Meteorology). It predicted 37 degrees and windy. So skirts were out, hair was up and jackets were definitely unnecessary….. Or so you’d think.

Come home time the maximum for the day hadn’t got past 27, yes there was plenty of wind, but it was a brisk 20 degrees (well, brisk for Melbourne summer).  Surely after 4 years I should have worked out that Melbourne weather will change in a heartbeat.

Outfit: Top (Jacqui-E), Pants (Ozsale, $8) & Sandals (Ozsale, $10)

OpShop Bargain

IMG_3028I am a huge fan of anything thats a bargain or, even better, free. I love sales, gifts, hand-me-downs and OpShops. I have known many people who dislike OpShopping, whether it be the smell of the stores, the masses of junk you have to dig through or just the thought of wearing something second hand when you don’t know where it’s been. I however have never been deterred by these factors. I will happily spend several hours digging through awful 90’s jeans to find the one dream-fitting, perfectly worn-in pair. Last Saturday I did my first trip to the OpShop on my new street. I just popped in to check it out when I spotted these great, practically new, nude heels. It was Cinderella-esque as I slipped them on – perfect fit! I didn’t even look at the prices before I took them to the register – $4! I love OpShops!

Outfit: Cardigan (Valley Girl, $25), Top (Target), Pants (Ozsale, $8) & London Rebel Heels (OpShop, $4)