Yes, it’s true. Today is my birthday and I’m another year older (funny, I could swear I was still 18…). What better way to celebrate then some drinks and dancing with some great people? – which is exactly what I did on Friday night. Going out straight from work means some careful outfit planning. Everything in this look, apart from the pants, I wore to work (see yesterday’s post for proof). These leather look jeans are so stretchy they easily fitted into my handbag ready for a quick change in the bathroom to take me straight from work to the bar.

Outfit: Peplum Top (Factorie, $2.50), Leather Look Jeans (Ozsale, $20), Tony Bianco Heels (Savers, $20) & Bag (Thailand, $20)

{lucky these jeans are super stretchy because this is what they look like off}


Stiletto Style

With my style inspiration back, what better way to start then with a pair of Tony Bianco Stilettos. They may be a little high to wear to work on a regular basis, but it was a good way to celebrate having my style back – and a strategic move for the evenings outfit – check in tomorrow to see how I took this from office to out in one simple change.

Outfit: Cue Blazer (hand-me-down), Peplum Top (Factorie, $2.50), Skirt (Kmart, $10) & Tony Bianco Heels (Savers, $20)

My Favourite Season


Yes! It’s finally here! The season I spend all year talking about, waiting for and planning and here it is! No it’s not summer, it’s festival season.

This year I kicked off the season with Queenscliff Music Festival from Friday 28 Nov to Sunday 30 Nov. Starting on the Friday did mean that I had to go straight from work, but I managed to put together this outfit that just needed a change from trousers to Jeans (plus a few accessories) to go from office to festival grounds.


So now it’s one festival down, 4 to go!

Outfit 1: Blazer (Portmans, $50), Top (Savers, $3), Trousers (Kmart, $15) & Booties (Kmart, $19)

Outfit 2: Diva Headband (Ozsale, $3), CottonOn Sunnies (Ozsale, $3), Cardi (Vintage) & Jeans (CottonOn, $50)

Time for a Cleanse


Today I did something I very rarely do. Wore white. This is such a rare occurrence that this is the first time I have worn this asymmetrical skirt and I bought it months ago!
It’s been a bizarre week for me, but last night I began my “back on track” process that I go through every couple of weeks in which I clean my room (despite what it looks like in this picture it is actually clean), I do all my laundry and I wash my hair. I think the cherry on top of my cleanse is putting together an outfit I’ve never worn before and nailing it. (Honestly, I feel like every reflective surface is my friend today).
It’s amazing the difference a bit of figurative and literally cleansing can make.

Outfit: Top (Valley Girl, $25), Skirt (Salted Carousel, $10) & Steve Madden Heels (Savers, $15)

Flashback to Friday


With my extra outfit from last Thursday night and only one post over the weekend, I have a little back log of outfits.
Good thing  I do because I pressed snooze a few too many times this morning and didn’t have time for a photo.
This outfit from Friday was extremely comfortable and perfect for a chilly Melbourne winters day.

Outfit: Blazer (Portmans), Jumper (Savers, $3), Pants (Review, $50) & Wittner Platforms (DFO, $13)