Back in Black – Sporty


Let me start this out by saying I am NOT a sporty person. Since quitting gymnastics (which I was actually quite good at) at age 13, I’ve avoided intentional exercise like the plague. Occasionally, however, life calls for something a little stretchier.

I, personally, dress sporty so infrequently that when I do I usually wear my daggiest T-shirt and shorts from my uni days when I was a gymnastics coach, but for those who are more motivated there is a whole world of on-trend, chic activewear available.

In fact, activewear has become extremely trendy in the last few years as the wellness fad has spread across the world (#fitspo) that leggings and crop-tops are no longer restricted to the gym, as illustrated in this hilarious song.

If you’re just starting out your active wardrobe I would suggest beginning with some essential black pieces. Here I’ve gone with a full length legging (these are actually a family friends maternity leggings) an open side tank top and a lace crop top (for a bit of texture).

If you want something a little brighter it’s super easy to start adding colours or patterns to mix it up in any of these 3 core pieces. If you’re a little hesitant start with the crop-top or add some funky coloured runners (I swear I do actually own runners, they are just hidden deep in the depths of my shoe collection).

Check out some #fitspo I found on Pinterest  Screen Shot 2017-05-25 at 10.03.21 pm

Despite more and more boutique activewear lines popping up, you don’t have to spend a fortune on your gear, especially if you’re just testing out your first yoga class. My outfit here cost me a grand total of $13 (both tops from Supre at $5 each, my go to plimsoles from Big W for $3 and some hand-me-down leggings aka. freebie!).

So whether your serious about your sports gear, or just after something comfy to grab a coffee in (and convince that cute barista that you totally lift) there are options out there, black, coloured or patterned, for everyone on every budget.

10 points to anyone who can tell what my cheeky back tattoo says.



Back in Black

In many ways Melbourne is like the New York City of Australia. It’s the country’s hub for culture, art, music & fashion, it’s fast paced, constantly on the forefront of new trends and we LOVE to wear black.

From the height of summer to the blistering cold (and rain) of winter, Melbournians (yes, that’s what we’re called) can find a way to wear black morning, noon and night.

I’ve already featured my fair share of all black outfits here on the blog (like here, here and here) and over the next 2 weeks I’ll be talking about 4 all black looks that I’ve put together, Sporty, Work, Casual & Going Out, how you can make all black ≠ boring and how to add a splash of colour without looking like you’ve just stepped off the streets of Harajuku.

Get in the mood by checking out my All in Black Pinterest board.

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