Friday Nights, not Festivals

On the weekend I was meant to head off to my fifth and final festival of the season. Unfortunately I have been far too busy so I decided to sell my ticket and have a weekend at home instead.

I wholly intended not to go out, to stay at home and do all those things I’ve been putting off, like doing my laundry and cleaning up my room. But by the time I finished work on Friday I desperately needed to let off some steam – which I did in my usual fashion of a few (too many) drinks and some serious dancing.

It’s been a while since I got really dressed up and I was particularly excited about using my new Poppy Lissiman clutch for the first time.

Outfit: Jacket (Target, $30), Dress (BooHoo, $20), Bag (Poppy Lissiman, $85) & Heels (Target, $15)

{smokey eye & bold lips}


{infinity bun, which was super easy!}


Welcoming Winter

It may still be 2 months away, but this week Melbourne has decided to give us the first taste of Winter. As much as I am looking forward to scarves and beanies I think March is a little too early to start bringing them out. Instead I pulled out my wide leg pants and a knitted vest – toasty warm, but not too wintery – although I did wear a coat to and from work for the first time this year!

Outfit: Free Fusion Top (Target, $6), Knitted Vest, Pants (Review, $50), Heels (Wittner, $15) & Coat (below) (Target, $20)

{All rugged up in purple coat and matching glasses}

OpShop Bargain

IMG_3028I am a huge fan of anything thats a bargain or, even better, free. I love sales, gifts, hand-me-downs and OpShops. I have known many people who dislike OpShopping, whether it be the smell of the stores, the masses of junk you have to dig through or just the thought of wearing something second hand when you don’t know where it’s been. I however have never been deterred by these factors. I will happily spend several hours digging through awful 90’s jeans to find the one dream-fitting, perfectly worn-in pair. Last Saturday I did my first trip to the OpShop on my new street. I just popped in to check it out when I spotted these great, practically new, nude heels. It was Cinderella-esque as I slipped them on – perfect fit! I didn’t even look at the prices before I took them to the register – $4! I love OpShops!

Outfit: Cardigan (Valley Girl, $25), Top (Target), Pants (Ozsale, $8) & London Rebel Heels (OpShop, $4)

Starting to Settle


Although I did manage to get one (very tidy) post out in my new place, now all of my junk…whoops, I mean stuff, is in its much harder to find a clear space to take a pic. This week I am making an effort to start putting in the time to do those little things like bringing out photos and trinkets and arranging them on my dressing table. Nothing makes me at home as much as having my priceless/worthless sentimental things out on display. A big bonus of the move is seeing all of my stuff as I arrange it, reminding me of things that had been lost in my cupboard for months, like this super cute blazer.

Outfit: Blazer (Valley Girl, $25), Necklace (Thailand, $6), Top (Target, $6), Pants (Ozsale, $20) & Sandals (Misshop, $10)

Bi-Polar Weather


OMG Melbourne! What was up with yesterdays weather? I mean it was 38 degrees and sunny at 1:30pm, at 2pm it was full on thunderstorms, then back to 38 and sunny by 4pm. Seriously Melbs, take a chill pill! Luckily working in an office means weather doesn’t effect me too much and I was able to stay dry, which is lucky because I didn’t particularly want to look like a wet dog who entered a wet t-shirt competition!

Outfit: Top (Misshop), Skirt (Target Children’s Department) & Heeled Sandals (Ozsale, $10)

Summer Work Clothes

It’s officially summer, and in classic Melbourne style we had a couple of hot days before the clouds rolled in and the temperature dropped 10 degrees. I did, however, get the chance to have one work outfit sans stockings.
Hopefully we get a few more hot days so I can get a bit of colour on my legs before beach season.

Outfit: Top (Target, $20), Skirt (OpShop) & Heels (Big W, $20)