Street Style Colour Combo

IMG_3091I love people watching. I could literally spend hours just watching people walking down the street, mostly checking out their outfits for inspiration. Working in the Melbourne CBD I get an opportunity to do this everyday at lunch and love seeing different looks, from quirky street style to office chic. The other day I saw someone wearing a burgundy shirt with a purple pencil skirt and I thought ‘I would never have put those together’ but it looked incredible. Lucky me, I have an extensive enough wardrobe that I was able to recreate it.

What do you think of this colour combo?

Outfit: Top (ValleyGirl, $25), Skirt (Forever21, $13), Belt (Review) & Heels (Misshop)


OpShop Bargain

IMG_3028I am a huge fan of anything thats a bargain or, even better, free. I love sales, gifts, hand-me-downs and OpShops. I have known many people who dislike OpShopping, whether it be the smell of the stores, the masses of junk you have to dig through or just the thought of wearing something second hand when you don’t know where it’s been. I however have never been deterred by these factors. I will happily spend several hours digging through awful 90’s jeans to find the one dream-fitting, perfectly worn-in pair. Last Saturday I did my first trip to the OpShop on my new street. I just popped in to check it out when I spotted these great, practically new, nude heels. It was Cinderella-esque as I slipped them on – perfect fit! I didn’t even look at the prices before I took them to the register – $4! I love OpShops!

Outfit: Cardigan (Valley Girl, $25), Top (Target), Pants (Ozsale, $8) & London Rebel Heels (OpShop, $4)

Starting to Settle


Although I did manage to get one (very tidy) post out in my new place, now all of my junk…whoops, I mean stuff, is in its much harder to find a clear space to take a pic. This week I am making an effort to start putting in the time to do those little things like bringing out photos and trinkets and arranging them on my dressing table. Nothing makes me at home as much as having my priceless/worthless sentimental things out on display. A big bonus of the move is seeing all of my stuff as I arrange it, reminding me of things that had been lost in my cupboard for months, like this super cute blazer.

Outfit: Blazer (Valley Girl, $25), Necklace (Thailand, $6), Top (Target, $6), Pants (Ozsale, $20) & Sandals (Misshop, $10)

Time for a Cleanse


Today I did something I very rarely do. Wore white. This is such a rare occurrence that this is the first time I have worn this asymmetrical skirt and I bought it months ago!
It’s been a bizarre week for me, but last night I began my “back on track” process that I go through every couple of weeks in which I clean my room (despite what it looks like in this picture it is actually clean), I do all my laundry and I wash my hair. I think the cherry on top of my cleanse is putting together an outfit I’ve never worn before and nailing it. (Honestly, I feel like every reflective surface is my friend today).
It’s amazing the difference a bit of figurative and literally cleansing can make.

Outfit: Top (Valley Girl, $25), Skirt (Salted Carousel, $10) & Steve Madden Heels (Savers, $15)

Beige or Bare

Beige or Bare? A question I often ask myself as the weather gets warmer. The decision was easy this morning as the weather is meant to get worse in Melbourne as the day goes on, so it was definitely tights weather. The biggest difference when I change from black to beige tights is the more obvious length of my skirt. I’ve already had someone make a comment – and this one isn’t even that short!

Outfit: Blazer (Valley Girl, $25), Dress (Portmans, $20) & AnneBelle heels (from mum – finally got them reheeled!)

Salted & Sexy

It’s no secret that I have a soft spot for online sales and there was no exception when my friend clued me in to Salted Carousels latest sale.
I’d never even heard of the site until last week, but Salted Carousel ( has a huge range of cute, fun and sexy pieces that were reasonably priced to start off with, but irresistible with the bonus 50% off (with code: SALE50).
There’s nothing like the feeling of a finding a new fashion gem!

Outfit: Lace top body suit (Salted Carousel, $10), Skirt (Thailand, $3), Blue Blazer (Valley Girl, $25) & heels (OpShop)

Frozen Feet

To keep my outfits fresh for work I like to wear pants once every week or so. The issue with this in winter is that if I don’t wear tights there very little to keep my toes from freezing off!
At the end of the day beauty is pain (and my office has really good heating)

Outfit: Cue Jacket (hand-me-down), shirt (Valley Girl, $25), pants (Ozsale, $9) & AnneBelle heels (gift from mum)